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   Chapter 205 Make A Prompt Decision

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Now that they had come here, and this opportunity was very precious to everyone, no one was willing to give up easily. They had to lower their heads and wait for the news from Fred.

After a while, Fred, sweating heavily, came over with a person in uniform like a director. As soon as they came in front of them, the director in uniform was busy apologizing to everyone. He said that it was weekend and the Department of Design and Construction of the shopping mall had to decorate other promotion sites, so he had no time to come here. And he also asked them to forgive him.

It turned out that this director was the old classmate of Fred. Fred had searched for him in the mall for a long time before he was finally found. But now, facing this empty place, everyone looked at each other and did not know what to do.

"Humph, if we were stars, they wouldn't dare to treat us like this." David whispered angrily with disdain.

Fred's face turned cold, he glared at David and said, "It's not the time to say these words. Can't you perform when the scene is not well arranged? When you encounter such difficulties, you just want to give up. What else can you do in the future? "

Everyone lowered their heads and stopped talking after being scolded by Fred. Bess began to say, "Don't be angry. Everyone is looking forward to this activity. Their complaints were inevitable. What's more, what should she do now? We can't just go back in this way "

Fred sighed and looked at the messy scene. He frowned and kept silent for a while, then he took off his coat, unbuttoned the cuffs and rolled up the sleeves. "Everyone, put down the things on your hands first. Let's build the venue first. Anyway, we can't just wait like this. Let's move first. "

"But we don't have any experience in setting up a construction site. Is that okay?" Everyone looked at each other, not confident that they could rely on them to set up the scene.

Tom also put dow

all out, asking Bess to continue singing. However, on the stage, Bess smiled and looked at the band members who were stepping down the stage. She said loudly, "Thank you, everyone. But next, please enjoy the performance of my companions. I believe that we will not let you down."

Seeing that Bess had come up first, everyone's confidence increased greatly and no longer flinched. Tom heaved a sigh of relief and also climbed up, followed by Adele and the others.

Tom took the microphone in front of him and said loudly, "Good evening, everyone. Next, let our band sing a song we have written ourselves. It's zero degree. I hope you like it."

This song was the first one that the band worked together to compose. After being revised by Bess, both the lyrics and the performance of them were very mature.

The band members' enthusiastic performance instantly aroused everyone's mood, they all beat to follow them and applauded enthusiastically.

Encouraged by the audience off the stage, Tom and the others had sung several songs, and all of them had a good response. After Bess stepped down the stage, she stood next to Fred and watched their performance with a smile. Seeing the outstanding performance of Tom and others, Bess was very happy, she felt that her efforts were not in vain.

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