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   Chapter 203 Preparations For The Touring

Adoration Beyond Compare By Ying Suhua Characters: 5865

Updated: 2020-06-23 00:12

Seeing that Jack's car finally disappeared in the night, Susan lowered her shoulders in frustration. She moved to her own house step by step, sighed deeply and looked at the tall iron door.

She thought to herself, 'I'm indeed a redundant person in this house. Is there anyone who will worry about me coming back late? They should all hope that I could leave this house as soon as possible, so as not to cause them any trouble.'

When Jack returned to the clinic, it was already dawn. He looked at his watch helplessly and thought that he couldn't sleep today.

He went back to the lounge of the clinic and prepared to wash up and go to work. Jack came to the sink of the bathroom, picked up a towel and was about to wash his face. He lowered his head and unconsciously saw a piece of paint on his hand.

Maybe it was because of Susan. He didn't notice since it was dark just now. Looking at the paint on his hand, Jack recalled what he had experienced last night and smiled helplessly.

He didn't expect to see the girl who had broken up with him at the blind date would have a rather bizarre escape with him. It seemed that this world was really small.

In Jack's eyes, the childish face and stubborn eyes of Susan appeared again. He didn't know why he always felt that he could see someone's shadow when he looked at Susan.

When Jack realized this idea, he immediately cursed in his mind, shook his head and shook off his strange idea. It seemed that he was really in a bad condition recently, he had to cheer up as soon as possible.

Bess had been very busy these days. Recently, she had a new idea. She felt that it was too limited for the band to perform in the bar. After all, the guests were limited, and there were very few people who

relaxed to stay with him. However, she didn't dare to think about anything else.

The relationship between her and Jack was still in a mess. How could she dare to get involved in another relationship so easily? She had wanted to figure it out, but every time she thought of it, she was upset. So she put it down and concentrated on music.

"But I have to remind you that the touring is not a small matter. There are a lot of things to be prepared, just the performance site will make you busy enough. Besides, you are inexperienced. You will have a headache then. " Fred reminded Bess rationally, hoping that she could be considerate and not just on a whim.

Bess scratched her hair and looked at Fred pitifully. "I know it's troublesome to go on a touring. In fact, when I studied music in the United States, I often took part in some touring. But it was the first time for me to organize a party in person. Fred, you won't stand by, will you? "

"Don't try to get me involved. I'm only willing to temporarily close the bar for you. At that time, I can only drive for you. What else do you want me to do? " Fred rolled his eyes at Bess and was about to leave.

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