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   Chapter 200 Being arrested

Adoration Beyond Compare By Ying Suhua Characters: 6337

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However, when Bess's father put a check of 1 million in front of him and told him not to pester Bess anymore, Jack gave up completely. He laughed like a lunatic, but his heart was bleeding.

It turned out that in the eyes of the Bess's father, their love was so cheap. Without touching the check on the table, Jack left Bess's family alone. Before leaving, he told Sampson that no matter how poor he was, he still had the ability to end his relationship by himself.

In this way, everything changed the moment Jack left the gate of the Bess's family. On that day, Jack lost both his love and confidence.

He had never known that his love was so fragile and humble in front of money. Since that day, Jack's thoughts had undergone a tremendous change.

He was no longer satisfied with being an ordinary doctor in the hospital. After working in the hospital for a few years and having some savings, he resigned.

Jack opened his own clinic and became the president of the hospital himself. Now his income was very high, which could be regarded as an invisible large sum of money. He was even more open-minded and unruly when it came to love.

In other people's eyes, he was a successful young talent, an unrestrained playboy, he also lived a relaxing life. Sometimes, Jack also felt that everything should be completed in that way, he had got everything he wanted, hadn't he?

However, when he looked out of the window in a daze at night, his lonely and desolate heart told him that he was not happy at all, and he could never find back what he had lost.

Just as Jack was lost in thought, he was awakened by a violent shake. When he came to his senses, he saw that Susan, who was still concentrating on painting, pulled his sleeve hard in front of him and shouted anxiously, "Uncle, uncle, what's wrong with you?"

"What?" At this moment, Jack was really confused. Seeing Susan who was

ould be caught in the end. The more Jack thought about it, the more unlucky he felt, he was indeed the scapegoat and couldn't explain it clearly.

Originally, as long as his identity was proved, he would pay the fine and be given a good education, then that will be okay. However, he came out in a hurry without his ID card and was too embarrassed to call an acquaintance to prove himself.

If others knew that he was caught in the police station in the middle of the night because of the painting on the wall, he would be laughed out. How could he raise his head in the future? Jack thought of this. It was not a big deal to be arrested, but a big deal to lose his face.

As time went by, the policeman who asked him looked at him strangely, he must doubted that Jack was a suspect.

When Jack was in a dilemma and felt that he was determined to spend the day in the police station. A clear voice came, "Sir, I know this man. Can I bail him out?"

Jack looked back in surprise and saw that Susan was standing at the door of the police station, biting her lips and looking at him firmly. At this moment, seeing that Susan, who had returned, appeared in front of him and said that she wanted to bail him out, Jack's mood could only be described as shock.

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