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   Chapter 199 Doodling On The Wall

Adoration Beyond Compare By Ying Suhua Characters: 6288

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"Something big?" Jack looked at Susan suspiciously and thought, 'How could a little girl do a big thing?' Maybe she was just messing around with some friends.

Thinking of this, Jack shook his head and said, "Miss, it's getting late. Stop it. It's dangerous for a girl to stay outside, hurry up and leave. "

As if irritated by Jack, Susan straightened her back and stared at him, "Who are you talking about? Humph, I think you dare not to come with me. Well, that's right, you old people had better go back and have a rest. "

Old? 'I'm not old at all. I'm in my prime.' It was the first time that Jack was called old. It was obvious to stimulate his self-esteem, and this time Jack was irritated and agreed. In this way, he followed her to see what the big deal she was talking about.

Jack followed her and saw her dexterous body passing through alleys skillfully. Finally, they stopped at a quiet alley. He couldn't help thinking that this girl was really bold enough. She didn't realize it was dangerous when she walked through the street alone at night.

Finally, Susan stopped in front of a tall wall. Jack looked at her suspiciously and didn't know what she wanted to do.

Susan unhurriedly took out all kinds of colorful sprayed, brush and pigment from the pocket of her shirt, which were then arranged in a whole row.

Seeing that Susan took out so many bottles like magic from her pocket, Jack couldn't help but be stunned. Because of Susan's petite figure, Jack didn't notice that there were so many things hidden in her large denim clothes.

He finally realized that the girl didn't sleep at midnight because she wanted to paint on the wall. It seemed that young people nowadays really liked to free themselves.

Anyway, he had nothing else to do and was not in a hurry to go home. So he just leaned against the wall with his arms crossed and watched Susa

stable job, he wanted to live a simple and warm life like many ordinary couples.

It was a pity that Bess's family wanted to send her abroad for further study because she came from a rich family. Although Jack was very painful and wanted her to stay, he was not a selfish person. In the end, he chose to respect Bess's own idea. If she wanted a better development, he would not stop her.

He could wait until she was tired and was willing to come back to live a normal life with him. He didn't believe that their relationship could not resist the years abroad.

However, the day before Bess left, he wrote to ask her out. He waited in the park of the university for the whole day, but he didn't see her. When he appeared in the house of Bess with his tired body, he finally lost all hope and courage.

Jack would never forget that day. When he stood awkwardly in the luxurious living room of the Bess's family, he didn't get a warm hug from her, but her father told him with contempt that she had left and decided to break up with him.

Sampson's words completely destroyed all the hopes of Jack. He was not reconciled. He did not want to believe that his four-year relationship with Bess would end so easily without even a decent explanation.

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