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   Chapter 198 Susan

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Who is she? Jack quickly ran his brain to search for the girl he knew. After a while, an idea occurred to him.

Now the girl who stood in front of him and glared at him was the one who had a blind date with him. Jack couldn't help laughing. What a small world! He didn't expect to meet her here.

"Hey, what are you laughing at? You hit me just now, you have to apologize to me now. " The girl on the other side seemed to be angrier when she saw Jack's calm face. She pointed at his nose and said in an unfriendly tone.

Jack put on his most unrestrained smile and asked kindly, "Miss, we have met before. Do you remember?"

Usually, when women saw his charming smile, they would swarm over and throw themselves at him. However, it didn't seem to have any effect on the little girl today.

"Don't make friends with me. Who knows you? You're just an old man, nowadays, the way you accost me has long been out of date. " With her hands in her pockets, Susan looked at Jack with disdain.

He didn't expect that his charm of being a gentleman would be completely despised by a young girl today. Jack felt embarrassed and smiled awkwardly, "In that case. I apologize, I'm sorry, is that okay? "

Jack was already in a bad mood today, and he didn't want to continue to entangle with Susan. So he simply admitted defeat and apologized, ready to leave.

To his surprise, the stubborn figure on the other side still did not get out of the way. She still glanced at him with the corners of her eyes, as if she felt that his apology was very insincere.

Jack took a deep breath and spread out his hands with a good temper. "Well, what do you want me to do to make you willing to accept my apology? "

"Uncle." Susan called Jack in this way and lengthened her

" Susan clapped her hands happily and looked at Jack with a successful expression. She thought to herself, 'Now you have to listen to me.'

In fact, from the very beginning, Susan had recognized that Jack was the playboy who took advantage of her on the blind date. She thought it was a rare chance, so she walked over and bumped into him purposely.

She wanted to take this opportunity to make Jack agree to her request reluctantly. In this way, she could make fun of Jack and took the revenge.

Finally, Susan's goal was achieved. After getting Jack's phone number, she stepped aside with satisfaction and said, "Well, you can go now. Remember, you must be on call when I come to you. "

Jack was almost sobered up by the disturbance of Susan. Seeing that she finally made way for him, he was about to leave. But somehow, he stopped before taking two steps.

Looking at the back of Susan, Jack somehow felt worried. He finally stopped her and said, "Hey, it's so late. Why do you come out? You'd better go home now."

Hearing that, Susan turned around and grinned at Jack, "Uncle, it's none of your business. Are you interested in doing something big with me? "

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