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   Chapter 196 Communication Between Brothers

Adoration Beyond Compare By Ying Suhua Characters: 5945

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"She didn't forget you." Cary said in a low voice, "In fact, you two are really similar. Both of you have trapped yourself in the cage built by yourself and refused to come out."

Since he broke up with Bess six years ago, he had never dared to begin another relationship. For a long time, he had been hiding his fragility in a way of flirting with all kinds of women. And he had done a good job, the female patients who came to his clinic to see him were all attracted by him.

However, all his disguise collapsed when Bess appeared in front of him again. It was ridiculous, he didn't expect that this woman would still have such a great influence on him six years later.

Jack remained silent, thinking of what Cary had said, he felt that he was right.

For a long time, he had been trapped in the pain of being abandoned and unable to take another step forward. But what about Bess? How could she appear again in front of him like that?

"Didn't she forget me?" Jack asked painfully. If that was the case, then why did she leave without hesitation before?

Cary shook his head and told the truth, "Once, she helped me to find Bella when she was lost. On the way to send her back, we talked for a while. Although she didn't say it in person, I can see that she hasn't forgotten your relationship. "

Hearing Cary's words, Jack suddenly laughed at himself, "Well, I know that heartless woman would not say that she didn't forget me. In fact, she has already forgotten me. "

Jack laughed and picked up the glass on the table, trying to refill it. However, he found that the wine in the glass had already been replaced by water by Cary. He put down the glass helplessly and looked at Cary with a bitter smile. "Bro, why don't you even give me a chance to get drunk? On

t to have dinner with her just now. But we had a quarrel halfway through the meal."

"Really? Well, you are a grown-up, you should try to stand with your little girlfriend, okay?" Jack said crossly, thinking that maybe it was because Cary had always been cold and didn't know how to make Yvonne happy.

Shaking his head, Cary said worriedly, "It's not a problem between the two of us. It's because of her good friend, Ellie. I don't think this woman is simple and good, but Yvonne doesn't believe me at all. "

"Since she's a good friend of Yvonne, you should be good to her as well. How can you be like this? No wonder Yvonne would be angry with you. " Jack thought that Cary was too stubborn. Sometimes it was hard for others to accept what he said.

He had known Cary for six years, so he knew Cary's temperament and temperament. He knew that Cary was a man who would deal with issues without any personal feelings. However, Yvonne and Cary hadn't known each other for a long time, and Ellie was Yvonne's good friend, so it was inevitable that she would be unhappy.

Cary straightened his clothes and looked at Jack, "Do you still remember that I was drugged in the bar? "

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