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   Chapter 141 A Good Conscience Is A Soft Pillow

Adoration Beyond Compare By Ying Suhua Characters: 6154

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"Calvin, I understand. I'm not afraid of tiredness. If you have anything, just tell me. I'm just afraid that I might do something wrong if I'm not familiar with it. " If Yvonne wanted to live a comfortable and relaxed life, she wouldn't have come to the headquarters. Unlike other girls, she had a stable and relaxed job. A few years later, she would marry with a man, stay at home to teach her children, and spend the rest of her life.

Although Yvonne was a girl, she had her own ambitions. She had been working very hard on her study. Her job was to maximize her own value and try her best to make herself live a meaningful life, not to achieve nothing.

Calvin nodded and smiled approvingly, "It seems that Meade is right. You are indeed a capable subordinate. I believe that in time, you will definitely have outstanding performance. Yvonne, don't be afraid of doing something wrong. Ask if you don't understand. We are all young people, don't worry about it. "

"Thank you, Calvin." Hearing her supervisor's encouragement, Yvonne was naturally very happy and full of confidence. "I will work harder and won't hold you back."

Calvin stood up, picked up his coat from the chair and knocked on the table. "Well, first of all, I want to teach you something."

"What is it?" Yvonne looked up at Calvin with a modest expression, and then she said, "Go ahead. I will study hard."

The answer was "Then don't work overtime."

Calvin chuckled, "Although our department is very busy, I still don't advise our colleagues to work overtime. I think it's better to improve the work efficiency than to extend your working time. In this way, we can guarantee that everyone will start to work in the best state. "

"Really?" Looking at the document in his hand, Yvonne thought for a while and closed it. "Well, then I'll read it tomorrow."

ld expression, Yvonne said crossly, "It's all because of your sudden appearance that I was not prepared at all. "

Perhaps it was because of Yvonne's words that Cary was happy, he approached his head and exhaled in her ear, "When did my appearance make you so exciting. It seems that I underestimated my influence on you when I came here. "

Cary's flirtatious tone made Yvonne blush. She quickly leaned her body to the side of the door, pulled away the ambiguous distance between her and Cary, and argued anxiously, "What are you talking about? I, I don't think of it at all. You, don't be narcissistic."

Unfortunately, the flustered tone of Yvonne made her retort unreliable. Looking at the shy look on Yvonne's face, Cary stopped teasing her. "Well, where do you want to have dinner tonight?"

"You'd better send me home directly. Ellie and Jay know that it's my first day to work today, so they must have prepared a lot of food to celebrate for me at home." Yvonne didn't want to go to any expensive western restaurant with Cary anymore, since she really couldn't afford it. Last time she had dinner with him, she was not full at all, and her self-esteem had suffered a lot. Today, she wouldn't go with him anyway.

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