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   Chapter 139 Are You Hiding Something From Me

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"Okay, okay." The atmosphere in the office suddenly changed, everyone pointed at Hal and said anything. Some people even began to misunderstand the relationship between Hal and Yvonne, and began to look at the two of them with ambiguous eyes.

In a fit of pique, Hal stood up and said, "Okay, then it's my treat." As soon as he said that, the people in the office became more excited, some of them even clapped their hands and shouted, "Get married, get married."

"Be together, be together."

After all, Yvonne was a little girl. How could she bear this? Her face immediately flushed. She could do nothing but quickly explained, "It's not like that. Don't say that. It's my treat. Shall we go to eat crabs? "

Hal wanted to insist, but when he saw that Yvonne had agreed, he couldn't insist any more, but only sat down discouraged and said nothing more.

However, in the end, it was not a big deal. Everyone might see that Yvonne was just a little girl came out alone to compete in the society, and out of compassion they finally decided to go out to find a simple restaurant and order a few dishes.

In this case, Yvonne was finally relieved, because now her budget was enough. In this way, after everyone got off work, they came to a cheap restaurant, drinking, eating and chatting.

On the whole, the atmosphere at the table was good. They were colleagues who had worked together and now chatted with each other. Some congratulated Yvonne on getting such a good opportunity to develop, while some admired her for learning and broaden her horizon in the headquarters Only Hal sat in the corner drinking alone without saying a word.

When Yvonne was chatting with others, she always glanced at Hal from time to time. She couldn't help wondering what had caused Hal to be in such a bad mood all day long.

When everyone was full, the

sitive answer from Yvonne.

"No, I didn't." Yvonne answered firmly. 'No wonder everyone kept asking me to treat them expensive food today, they know I can't afford it with my own ability.' She thought. 'It turned out that they thought I had a powerful background.'

"That's good." Hal nodded and chose to believe what Yvonne said. "I don't believe you're such a person either."

"Thank you for believing me and telling me the truth."

After sending Hal away, looking at Hal's wobbly steps, Yvonne made up her mind secretly that she would prove her strength with her own actions in the future, so that everyone could change their opinions on her.

She'd long heard that the Cary's company is so amazing that it has gathered many elites in all aspects. This was the first time that Yvonne had come to the well-known company.

Meade, the chief assistant of Cary, came to welcome Yvonne. He first took Yvonne to the strategic development department and handed her over to Calvin, the Department Director.

"Yvonne, this is your new boss. He will take care of you in the company from now on. " Meade smiled and introduced Yvonne, "Calvin, this is the new employee of our company. You should teach her well in the future."

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