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   Chapter 136 Change Of Attitude

Adoration Beyond Compare By Chang Du Characters: 6109

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"Okay, it's a deal. Then we're still best friends." Then Yvonne turned around and let Ellie dry her hair. "Ellie, you are the best. I know you won't blame me."

While drying Yvonne's hair, Ellie couldn't calm down. She began to worry that Aaron would not let go of Yvonne and he would do something terrible. She knew Aaron well. He would rather destroy what he couldn't get than let others get it.

"Yvonne, do you really think that you and Cary can get along with each other like ordinary bosses and employees?" Anyway, Ellie didn't believe it. She could tell that Cary would never give up Yvonne.

In fact, Yvonne didn't know how to answer this question. To be honest, she was not very confident that she could resist Cary's enthusiasm.

In the past, she was infatuated with Cary's handsomeness. Now, after getting along with Cary these days, she gradually understood Cary. She was more attracted by his perseverance and boldness. If it weren't for the unhappy things before, Yvonne would really think that he was a good man worth trusting for the rest of her life.

"I don't know." Yvonne answered honestly, "But I will try my best. Keep a distance from him and don't fall in love with him again. "

Ellie sighed, she knew it was hard for Yvonne. But when she thought of the deal she made with Aaron, for herself and for Yvonne, she would try her best to stop Yvonne from falling in love with Cary again. "Yvonne, you must control your heart. You can't control a man like Cary. "

"I know that there is a huge difference in status between us. I will listen to you, Ellie. " Yvonne turned around and took the hair dryer from Ellie's hand. "Thank you for helping me dry my hair. Your hand must be sore, let me give you a massage."

"No, no, thanks." Although Ellie tried her best to avoid the touch with Yvonne, Yvon

him to greet me so enthusiastically. Why did he react so coldly?'

Although Yvonne was a little disappointed, she continued to walk to the position of Hal and tried to talk to him. After all, she was leaving soon, and there was no need to argue with him so much.

"Hey, what's wrong with you? Didn't you sleep well last night? Why don't you talk to me? " Yvonne approached Hal with a smile and chatted with him. But somehow, the more enthusiastic Yvonne was, the colder Hal's reaction was. Finally, he took out a stack of documents and read them directly.

"I'm sorry, Yvonne. I still have work to do, let's talk later. " Hal turned his face away and deliberately ignored Yvonne.

Seeing that Hal was always so indifferent, Yvonne was unhappy. "Hey, Hal, what's wrong with you today? Why are you so strange. Don't you know that I'm going to the head office soon? Why are you still so indifferent to me even when I'm leaving? Are you still my friend? "

Hal had been feeling uncomfortable since he saw Yvonne got in Cary's car. Although he didn't want to believe what others said, he didn't think Yvonne was a girl who admired vanity. But he just saw it with his own eyes, and now he couldn't help suspecting.

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