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   Chapter 135 Conflicted

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With an embarrassed smile, Yvonne hesitated if she should tell Ellie about the issues about Cary. If she didn't tell Ellie, Yvonne would feel sorry for her. But if she told Ellie, she was afraid that Ellie would blame her for being not determined.

"Well, I can tell from your expression that you are hiding something from me. Yvonne, tell me the truth. " After all, Ellie was a good friend of Yvonne who had studied in the university together with her for four years. Judging from Yvonne's hesitation, Ellie knew that she must have something to hide from her. It seemed that most of what Aaron had said was true.

Hearing what Ellie said, Yvonne knew that she couldn't hide it anymore. She put down the comb, climbed onto the bed, and looked at Ellie with a flattering smile. "Ellie, I'll tell you one thing, but please don't blame me."

"Of course, there is nothing to hide between us. You can tell me whatever you want. " Ellie picked up the hair dryer from the bedside table and helped Yvonne dry her wet hair.

Thinking of Cary, Yvonne still felt a little embarrassed to say it. She secretly looked back at Ellie and felt a little embarrassed. "Well, Ellie, in fact, I'm working in the SD Company, and it's indeed a branch company."

"A branch company?" Ellie helped Yvonne dry her hair bit by bit and pretended to ask casually, "I seem to have heard of it somewhere. Is it the branch of Cary's company?"

Looking like a little girl who had made a mistake, Yvonne nodded slightly and said, "Ellie, will you blame me? In fact, I didn't mean to hide it from you. It was not until later that I knew that the SD belonged to Cary's company. "

"Ha ha, how can I blame you? But don't you feel strange? You just found a job and happened to be in his branch company. " Ellie forced a smile, trying to alienate the relationship between Yvonne and Cary. "You have

However, Ellie was not affected by Yvonne's excitement, she just smiled coldly and said, "I didn't expect you to be so vain. In order to have a good job opportunity, you even ignored the last words of your mom. I really don't know whether you are doing this for work or for Cary. "

"Ellie, how could you say that to me?" It was the first time that Yvonne felt the Ellie in front of her was so strange. She had never spoken to her like this before, so Yvonne felt very aggrieved and tears were rolling in her eyes. "You are my best friend. I didn't expect you to look at me like this."

Seeing that Yvonne was about to cry, Ellie also regretted saying that. If Yvonne was such a person, then what kind of person she was? Thinking of this, Ellie also felt guilty, she quickly took out a tissue and handed it to Yvonne, comforting, "Sorry, Yvonne, I have said something wrong. I know you are not such a person, but I misunderstood you. I hope you don't blame me. "

Taking the tissue, Yvonne wiped the tears and sobbed, "I was wrong too. I shouldn't have hidden the fact that I saw Cary from you. Ellie, don't blame me. "

"Okay, I won't blame you. But no matter what happens to you in the future, you can't hide it from me anymore. "

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