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   Chapter 134 Taking Advantage Of Each Other

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Seeing that Ellie was in a panic, Aaron said coldly, "That would be fine. I'm telling you, be careful. If she didn't tell you about it, maybe there was something else she didn't tell you. You'd better go home and ask her. Don't forget our deal. If I find that you had hidden something from me, I promise you won't get away with it. "

Although Ellie was angry, she knew that she shouldn't fight against Aaron, since he was really a cruel and merciless man. She immediately put on a delicate and delicate look, and leaned against Aaron in a coquettish manner. "How could it be? You know everything about me."

It worked for Aaron. Feeling that Ellie's soft and warm body was against his own body, Aaron stroked her waist and said in a softer tone, "It's good that you know it. You know, as long as you listen to me, I won't treat you unfairly. How about we go out together after work, my little sweetie? "

Seeing Aaron's lustful look, Ellie felt sick, but she still had to put on a more charming smile. "Ah, Aaron, what should I do? It's not convenient these two days. How about another day? "

"Inconvenient?" Aaron knew that Ellie was referring to her period, so he felt disappointed and pulled a dim face. "Bah, what bad luck. Why didn't you tell me earlier? It's really boring. "

"Well, I can't make such a decision. In fact, I miss you very much. " Ellie knew that Aaron wouldn't touch her today, so she breathed a sigh of relief. "Well, I'll accompany you another day."

"That's the only way." Aaron rolled his eyes and said, "Baby, don't try to fool me next time. By the way, when you go back, you must ask for me what happened between Yvonne and Cary. If the two of them hook up again, you know, I won't let them go. "

"Of course, I will ask even if you don't tell me. Maybe there is some misunderstanding between them.

shirt and looked at the shoulder, there was a bruise on her shoulder.

"Damn it! Aaron, you bastard! You will die a horrible death!" She held her shoulders, frowned and slowly walked out of the stairwell.

After taking a shower, Yvonne hummed a song while combing her wet hair in front of the dressing table. But what was on Ellie's mind was what Aaron had said to her in the company during the day. "Did Yvonne suspect you?"

The more Ellie thought about it, the more uneasy she became. She shook her head and picked up a magazine on the bedside table. While reading, she pretended to chat with Yvonne casually. "Yvonne, you've been in a good mood recently. You look totally different from two days ago, is there anything good happening? "

"What good news?" While Yvonne was combing her hair, she thought of Cary. She thought that she would see him often after she worked in the headquarters, and a shy smile appeared on her face.

Ellie narrowed her eyes and looked into the mirror to catch the expressions of Yvonne. The more she looked at it, the more she felt something was wrong. That kind of expression and smile were only seen by a girl who was in love. "Really, or not? Are you hiding something from me?"

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