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   Chapter 132 She Was The Past

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"Oh, really?" Somehow, looking at Cary's handsome profile and thinking of the time he was with another woman, Yvonne felt sad and uncomfortable.

Cary didn't notice what was on Yvonne's mind, so he continued, "Unfortunately, everything has changed after graduation. Just like you, I was busy preparing for my job and looking for a suitable one everywhere. As long as I would get a job that I could support myself, I was willing to do anything. "

But Rae would not look for a job as hard as me. You must have heard about her. She is the only daughter of Ronald, the CEO of Lin Family, she has almost everything since she was born. The world is unfair. Some people's starting point is destined to be better than the end of others' lives. "

Yvonne nodded in agreement. When she was a child, she often complained why she was not born in a rich family and could live a comfortable life. But when she grew up, she became indifferent about that, and realized that people were born to be unfair. She couldn't force herself to do something, as long as she lived a good life every day.

Cary smiled with self-mockery. "I was too naive in the past, I thought the difference in status and financial resources was nothing. And I think I can give her a happy life as long as I work hard, but it's ridiculous to think about it now. "

"After graduation, I finally got an internship in a small company. And she directly entered the company of Lin Family and received the training as the heir. We were in a good relationship at that time, so I thought it was not a problem. Unfortunately, our relationship was ultimately objected by her father. He thought that we are not from the same background. In a word, he thought that I didn't deserve his daughter. "

"So you just gave up?" Looking at Cary's sad expression, Yvonne felt sorry for him. She really knew how it felt to be looked down upon

gh to continue wasting my time on her? " Cary said firmly. It took him a lot of efforts to get out of the shadow of that relationship, and how could he let himself fall into it again?

Hearing Cary's firm tone, Yvonne snickered. But she pretended not to care and said, "Well, if you can really let it go, I'm also happy for you. Well, this is my treat to celebrate your rebirth. "

"You don't have to be so exaggerated. Well, I'll give you a chance to show your kindness. It's up to you." Cary smiled and asked Yvonne to treat him.

Just now in the restaurant, Yvonne didn't have a chance to pay the dish. Now she could finally achieved it with a good mood. She took out her wallet and said proudly, "Boss, pay the bill."

"Okay, 45.5. I don't want any changes, so 45 is okay." The owner said briskly.

"Thank you, boss. The food you cook is really delicious. Next time, we will come again. " Yvonne took out the money to pay and said happily.

"Ha ha, little girl, you are so smart. Just don't look down on my stall, the snacks here are well-known far and wide. But this gentleman, you look so dignified, I haven't seen such a person comes here to eat. He is also quite good at eating. " The boss was happy to hear that his food was delicious.

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