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   Chapter 129 Expensive Dinner

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Anyway, she didn't want to be transferred to the head office because others would regard her as an employee with background. If so, she would rather give up this hard-won job.

Looking at such a determined look on Yvonne's face, Cary's eyes flashed. "Yvonne, I just thought you could understand my intention. Don't you have confidence in yourself that you don't have the ability to get this opportunity? "

"It doesn't matter whether I have confidence in myself or not, but I want fairness, the same as others. Only in this way can I feel at ease. If it's because of you that I can be transferred to the headquarters, then I'd rather not have such a chance. " Yvonne was fed up with being looked at strangely by others, thinking that she was a woman who admired vanity and could sacrifice everything for success.

Cary stared at Yvonne with his eyes and didn't miss any expression on her face. Of course, the pain in Yvonne's eyes didn't escape his eyes.

He knew clearly what had happened to Yvonne in the school and he couldn't forget it. At that time, Yvonne looked like an injured kitten, fragile and helpless. And now, the expression on Yvonne's face was exactly the same as before.

Seeing such a scene, Cary was really heartbroken. He really wanted to use his own way to erase these unhappy memories in Yvonne's life, so that she could regain confidence in herself.

"I think there are some problems in your company's financial management system. First of all, I want to say that there is a loophole in the company's financial expenditure, and some expenses can be completely avoided. I think if we correct these loopholes, we can definitely save money for the company. " Cary took out a few pieces of paper similar to a report and read them.

Looking up at Cary in surprise, Yvonne asked, "Didn't I write this report before? Why do you have it?"

"I've read your report. I think your advice on saving the company's expenses is ver

qual to my internship salary of a month. It's not food. It's my hard-earned money. "

Cary raised his head from the menu and looked at Yvonne. "What? I thought you were hungry after talking so much."

"Well, maybe I ate too much at noon. I'm not hungry at all." With a wry smile, Yvonne thought, 'A wage earner like me can't afford such expensive food for rich people like you. What are you thinking about, Cary?'

"Well, then, give me a steak, medium well, and a bottle of 1986 Lafite. As for this lady, please give her a vegetable salad first. If it's not enough, I'll call you. " Cary handed the menu to the waiter.

"Yes, sir. Please wait a moment." The waiter quickly wrote down the dishes on the menu, turned around and left.

After a while, the waiter came to the table with the dishes ordered by Cary and said, "Sir, miss, please enjoy yourself. " The waiter put down the dishes and left politely.

"If you don't have any appetite, you can have some vegetable salad." Cary thought that Yvonne was still angry about what happened just now, so she had no appetite.

Yvonne nodded, "Yes." She stole a glance at Cary, who was as cold as usual, and asked in her mind, 'Is he caring about me?' But she immediately gave up the idea. 'No, no, No. how could this guy be so considerate?'

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