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   Chapter 127 Transferred To The Head Office

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Looking at the way Yvonne raised her fist and pretended to hit him, Jay thought she was very cute, so he couldn't help laughing, "Don't worry. I will work hard. At that time, I will be promoted faster than both of you. "

"I don't believe it at all!" Yvonne shook her head with a smile and said in disbelief, "Jay, I'm going to work now. Remember to take good care of Ellie. Got it? "

"I will try my best. Just wait and see." Looking at Yvonne's receding figure, Jay said to himself. He wanted to make Yvonne look at him with new attitudes through his own efforts.

After having a good rest, Yvonne looked more radiant. Yvonne was the first one to come to the company, she put her bag on the desk. Seeing that others hadn't come yet, she wanted to help everyone clean up some of the cleaning, so that they could work in a clean and tidy environment.

"Good morning, Yvonne." Hal was the second one to come to the company. Seeing that Yvonne was sweeping the floor, he said, "You should really be regarded as one of the top ten employees. You come to work so early every day and even help us clean up."

"Ha ha, it's just a piece of cake for me. Besides, if we work in a comfortable environment, the efficiency will be improved a lot." Yvonne didn't think it was necessary to haggle over every ounce since she was working, and it didn't matter to do more.

Looking at Yvonne, Hal felt that she looked much better today, much better than yesterday when she was preoccupied with a lot of things. "Yvonne, I'm relieved to see you today. I thought you were unhappy when we parted yesterday. It seems that everything is fine, right? "

"Unhappy? I didn't. " With a gleam in her eyes, Yvonne looked around and said, "Well, Hal, have you finished reading the report I gave you yesterday? If there is no problem, I will hand it over to the director."

Hal felt a little strange and didn't know why Yvonne suddenly changed the topic. "Okay, I'll give it to you later."

Yvonne wa

the position.'

After the director left, Yvonne stared blankly at the position transfer form in her hand, although promotion was what she had always dreamed of. It was still too sudden, especially what the supervisor had said just now, "The general manager directly ordered you to work in the headquarters. " Yvonne felt kind of restless.

All in all, Yvonne's mind was in a mess. She had already gotten a good job in SD Company, but why did Cary transfer her to his side for no reason. Did he have any purpose that he could do whatever he wanted after knowing that she was transferred to the head office?

Moreover, as a new intern, she was suddenly promoted for no reason. There must be a lot of gossip. Judging from the director's reaction just now, she must have thought that she was under some hidden rules in the workplace.

When she arrived at the headquarters, Yvonne was really not confident to deal with the strange working environment, strange colleagues and criticism from others.

'It's all Cary's fault, he asked me to leave for no reason. Doesn't he think that I will be treated differently in the future? And how can I deal with my new colleagues well?' Sitting in her seat helplessly, Yvonne cursed Cary in her heart, blaming him for making the decision for her regardless of her own thoughts.

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