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   Chapter 121 Let's Start Over

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As she spoke, Rae looked at the expression on Cary's face. Seeing that Cary seemed to be unmoved, and his eyes did not leave the direction of Bella. Rae continued to pretend to be distressed, "Not long ago, I heard that Bella was laughed at by her classmates because she didn't have a father. "

Hearing Rae's words, Cary frowned and seemed unhappy. Seeing that Cary was no longer indifferent, Rae took the opportunity to say, "In fact, what happened five years ago was just a misunderstanding. If my father hadn't stopped me, I wouldn't have broken up with you. "

"And in the past five years, I have never forgotten you. You are always the only man in my heart. Cary, can't you give me a chance to start over? "

Cary cast a cold glance at Rae and sneered, "Do you think it's possible? " He knew what Rae had done before, but he didn't want to make it clear in front of Bella.

Looking at Cary's eyes, Rae shivered, but she nodded, "I think it is. After all, we had so many wonderful times, and you loved me. I know you love me. " Grabbing Cary's sleeve and shaking it, Rae wanted to get a positive answer from him.

"Maybe." Cary looked into the distance, and finally fixed his eyes on the face of Rae with exquisite makeup. "When I knew what kind of woman you are, I really began to doubt if I really have loved you or not. "

"What?" Rae asked Cary with her eyes filled with tears, "What do you mean, Cary? Have you really forgotten how much we loved each other in the past?"

Seeing that Cary kept silent, Rae was eager to find a way to persuade him to stay and make him change his mind. Finally, she looked at Bella, who was smiling happily, and said, "Are you so cruel? Even if you don't love me anymore. Don't you care about Bella? She is the fruit of our love

rning. "Yvonne, you are such a bitch. How dare you steal my man? Just wait and see. By that time, I will definitely let you suffer a lot. "

Thinking of this, how could Rae lie down and have a rest? All of a sudden, she sat up on the bed, took out her phone from her handbag and dialed Aaron's number.

"Aaron, look at what you have done." As soon as Rae spoke, she asked angrily.

At this time, Aaron was having fun with his friends in the night club. Unexpectedly, he picked up the phone and quickly walked out of the box to answer Rae in the phone. He didn't expect to be scolded by her as soon as he picked up.

Aaron was also very angry, but he didn't want to offend Rae because she was his boss. So he suppressed his anger and laughed, "Ms. Rae, what are you talking about? I don't understand what you mean. Did someone offend you? If you have anything, just tell me. I will help you vent your anger. "

"You have the nerve to ask me who made me angry? Aaron, do you still want to stay in my company? " Rae sneered and said, "I have asked you to keep an eye on Yvonne. How did you do it for me? If you can't do it well, there will be many other people to work for me. "

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