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   Chapter 120 Give Her A Complete Family

Adoration Beyond Compare By Ying Suhua Characters: 5878

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"Yes, I didn't expect that she and our boss are a couple. If the media knows it, it must be breaking news. " Hal thought that if he didn't work in Cary's company, he would have considered telling the media about this news.

"Okay." Hearing Hal's words, Yvonne felt more and more uncomfortable, she said, "They are indeed a good match. "

"Yeah, I think the two of them are so affectionate. It seems that the news of the marriage between Rae and Cary will come soon." Hal said without noticing that Yvonne's face was getting worse and worse. "We may have a hostess in the future."

Hearing this, Yvonne couldn't stand it anymore. She just interrupted Hal, "Hal, I have something to do and want to leave now, and I'm afraid I can't go home with you. "

Hal didn't know what he had done wrong, he didn't know why Yvonne was fine just now, but now she was unhappy. He quickly said, "Yvonne, what's wrong with you. Did I say something wrong? Are you unhappy? "

"No, I just. . . . . ." Yvonne thought that she had overreacted, so she shouldn't vent her anger on Hal. "Forget it. I just remember that I have something else to do, I'll go home later."

"It doesn't matter. I can go with you and then we can go home together. Well, anyway, I don't have anything to do at home now. " Hal said hurriedly and wanted to go with her. It was a rare chance for him to go home with Yvonne. How could he give up so easily?

But now, Yvonne was really not in the mood to talk to Hal. It was undeniable that she was very depressed now. "No, I can go home by myself. You must be tired from the work, and you'd better go home and have a good rest. "

"All right." Seeing that Yvonne insisted, Hal didn't insist anymore. So he got off the elevator and walked out of the

o-round." Bella held Cary's hand with one hand, and held Rae's with the other.

"Okay, let's go on the merry-go-round." Cary looked like Bella with a gentle smile and patiently walked to the ticket office to buy the tickets.

After sending Bella to the merry-go-round, Cary and Rae stood together and watched she play. Looking up at the loving smile on Cary's face, Rae felt that he was very gentle in this way.

It had been five years. Since Rae broke up with Cary, she had never seen such a smile on Cary's face. It seemed to be a good decision to let Cary recognize Bella as their child. If she had known that she would change because of the child, she would have let them meet earlier.

"Cary, Bella is very happy today, isn't she?" Said Rae, looking at Cary as she approached him.

Cary didn't look at Rae, but simply nodded. "Yes, it seems that it would be better to take her out more often. "

Unwilling to be ignored by Cary, Rae wanted to use Bella to win back his heart again. She moved her eyes and said in a sentimental tone, "Cary, in fact, we are not young anymore. Besides, Bella is old enough now. I really want to give her a complete family. "

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