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   Chapter 112 Insist

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As you know, you are an intern now and have a lot to learn. If you give up now, it won't be easy to find a suitable job. "

Speaking of this, Yvonne still had a lingering fear of failing to find a job. What's more, the competition is fierce now. For a new graduate and inexperienced college student like Yvonne, it's good enough to find a job, and there is no way to choose a job.

Therefore, this job was really important to Yvonne. However, it was really difficult for her to work in Cary's branch company.

Cary knew what kind of person Yvonne was, and he got the idea of Yvonne at a glance. He walked back to the desk and sat down leisurely. "Well, Yvonne. We are in the relationship between boss and employee in the company. Don't worry. I won't affect your work. Besides, this company is just one of my branches. I don't have time to come here, so we don't have many chances to meet. "

"Don't worry. I won't interfere with your work. I can promise you that no third person will know our relationship except you and me. How did you work in the past? Now you continue to work in that way, there won't be any change. You won't have any trouble. "

Hearing Cary's persuasion, Yvonne found that she really had no reason to refuse. If she insisted on refusing, it would seem that she was making trouble out of nothing.

After thinking for a while, Yvonne agreed, "Well, Cary, as you said, we are just the boss and employees of the company. Except for that, we are nothing. "

"Okay, that's it." Cary looked at Yvonne with a smile and said, "Yvonne, I'm looking forward to your performance at work, and I hope you won't let me down. But if you make mistakes, I won't show mercy. "

"Don't worry. I won't let you down. Just wait and see." Yvonne patted her chest and said confidently, "I hope you can distinguish public from private interests. Don'

t she couldn't tell him that the person she saw was not the general manager, but Cary, the person she hated to see the most.

Since Yvonne met Cary in the general manager's office, she was in a trance all day long and couldn't concentrate on her work. Looking at a pile of unfinished work, Yvonne sighed helplessly. It seemed that she had to work overtime to finish the work today.

Finally, it was time to get off work. Hal packed up his things, carried a shoulder bag and said to Yvonne, "Hi, Yvonne, it's time to go home. Let me drive you home."

"No, thanks. I still have a lot of work to finish." Looking up at the report in her hand, Yvonne said to Hal.

"In fact, Yvonne don't need to be too nervous, since you can never finish your work. You can continue to do it tomorrow." Hal said indifferently, with some experience of an old employee, "Besides, if you finish your work too fast, new work will be arranged for you tomorrow. "

Looking a little tired, Yvonne smiled and said, "I'm still used to doing things that day. Anyway, I don't have much left. I'll finish it later." Yvonne had always been a well-planned person, and she always insisted on what she had done today and didn't like to delay her work all the time.

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