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   Chapter 111 The Last Person I Want To See

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The feeling of being teased completely shattered Yvonne. She angrily pointed at Cary's handsome face and scolded, "Cary, you bastard. Do you know how important this job is to me? How could you use this method to force me to give in. Let me tell you, you are dreaming. Even if I am starved to death, I won't work in your company. "

Then Yvonne wanted to walk out of the general manager's office without looking back. However, when her hand just touched the cold doorknob, she heard a sentence from behind, which made her stop abruptly.

"Don't you have confidence in yourself? Do you think you can't get into the SD Company just because of your own ability? Or is that all you have? " Cary's calm and calm voice came to Yvonne's ears without a word, making her stop and couldn't leave.

After struggling for a while, Yvonne finally loosened the doorknob and looked at Cary with some dissatisfaction. "Who says that my ability is just like this? I have studied in the University for four years and it is not in vain."

Although after graduation, Yvonne always failed to find a job. She still had never doubted her ability. When she came to this company, her performance was outstanding among the interns at the same time.

If Cary hadn't appeared here, she would have thought that she had really gotten her own luck. She was lucky to work in a company that recognized her ability, but the appearance of Cary dispelled all her good ideas.

"You have the nerve to say that. It turns out that you have arranged everything. You must be very proud, right? Just wait for me to get into your trap, right? " Yvonne was really disappointed, since her hard work had only become a joke in the end.

Looking at the angry and aggrieved look on Yvonne's face, Cary was still calm, as if her accusation was nothing to him.

efforts and strength.

Besides, I have read your work during this period. You did a good job and just are not like a new comer at all. I'm very happy to have a good employee like you. " Cary said seriously, as if the superior was sure of the working ability of his subordinate.

Suddenly, Cary praised Yvonne with a serious face, which made her feel a little embarrassed. She stammered, "Well, well, that, that's what I should do."

Seeing that Yvonne was not as angry as before, but a little shy, Cary raised the corners of his mouth slightly and showed a sly smile. "So, do you still want to resign now?"

"Well, I. . . . . ." Yvonne didn't know what to say. Although she liked her current job, it was still a little difficult for her to work in Cary's company.

She had just made up her mind that she would never see Cary again. But if she continued to work in this company, she had to deal with Cary. In that case, all her efforts to build up her determination would be in vain.

"Yvonne, I don't think you should refuse this job. In my opinion, this job is very meaningful for you. It can not only improve your ability, accumulate your working experience, but also help you get a bright future.

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