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   Chapter 106 Suppress Feelings

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Even if she still liked Cary, she would not admit her feelings for her mother's sake. "Yes, I will never be with him, absolutely not."

Looking at the painful expression on Yvonne's face, Ellie also felt bad. But out of a deal with Aaron, she also felt that she couldn't let Yvonne be with Cary. She said beside Yvonne, "Yes, Yvonne, that's right. In fact, you and Cary live in two different worlds, and his world is not suitable for you.

Besides, he is so rich. There must be many women who like him. So he must not be serious with you, maybe he just wants to have fun with you. We are just ordinary people. We can't play love games with such a rich man. "

Yvonne nodded and sniffed, "Yes, you are right. I just want to live a good life and work hard, I don't want to think about anything else. "

"That's right, Yvonne. It's good that you think so. We can work hard together and live a good life. Well, don't think too much. Go to bed early, you still have work to do tomorrow. " Ellie helped Yvonne to sleep and tucked her in.

Although Yvonne tried her best to persuade herself to forget Cary, all the time she had spent with Cary before still appeared in front of her uncontrollably. Ellie was also in a complicated mood and couldn't fall asleep. In this way, the two girls didn't sleep well last night.

When the second day broke, Ellie and Yvonne got up with a pair of dark circles under their eyes and were ready to go to work. When they walked out of the room, they saw that Jay had bought breakfast and put it on the table.

"Yvonne, Ellie, good morning. Come here and have breakfast. I got up early this morning to buy deep fried dough sticks and soybean milk, they smell good, let's eat while they are hot. " Jay put the breakfast on the table and greeted them.

But when he raised his head, he saw that Ellie and Yvonne looked listless. In particular, Yvonne's eyes were still red and swol

d was about to comb her hair, she found that her eyes were red and swollen like walnuts.

"Oh my God! Why are they swollen like this? What should I do?" Looking at her haggard face in the mirror, Yvonne felt so miserable. 'No wonder Jay looked at me strangely just now, it's so embarrassing.' She thought.

Then Ellie came in. Seeing that, she took out some cosmetics from the drawer with a smile and handed them to Yvonne. "It's okay. You can use this to cover it."

Taking the cosmetics from Ellie's hands, Yvonne looked around and found that they were all written in English, it was obvious that they were imported and should not be cheap.

She said with some embarrassment, "Ellie, I'm really sorry to trouble you with everything. Not only do I have to eat your food, but also your cosmetics. "

Since Yvonne had just found a job and was not rich, she should save money, not to mention buying daily cosmetics.

"It doesn't matter. We are good friends. Why do you care so much? Come on, let me help you wipe it. Don't you know that women in the workplace need makeup now? Only in this way can we look professional. " Ellie picked up the powder puff skillfully near Yvonne's red and swollen eyes. She put a blush on Yvonne's face, which made her look much ruddy.

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