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   Chapter 103 Not The First Time

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Such a woman's words were probably not really the truth. Jack couldn't help wondering if there was something unknown behind Rae's doing this.

"I've already asked someone to investigate, ad found this girl is indeed Rae's daughter. In the past few years, she had kept this news a secret. She had been looking for a nurse to take care of the child. So the outside world basically doesn't know the existence of this child. "

"So, have you seen her? Do you think Bella is your own daughter?" Jack asked straightforwardly. As a friend for many years, he had nothing to hide.

Cary nodded and said slowly, "Yes, I've met her before. She's very cute. But I'm not sure whether she is my daughter or not. " Cary had doubted it before, but when he saw such a cute and innocent Bella, he was too cruel to refuse such a child's desire for father's love.

Cary was very clear about her feelings, since he had longed for family care more than once when he was a child. Therefore, sometimes when he saw Bella, he would think of his childhood.

"Do you need my help to investigate it?" Jack thought that it was better to be on guard against a scheming woman like Rae. If she said Cary has a daughter all of a sudden, maybe she just used her to control Cary.

In private, she wanted to restore her relationship with Cary. And on the other hand, she had just become the director of the Lin Family, with such Cary's powerful strength, the Lin Family would undoubtedly benefit a lot. Therefore, as a friend, Jack must remind his friend not to be used by others.

Cary smiled and shook his head. "No, it doesn't matter." In fact, in Cary's heart, it didn't matter much whether Bella was his own child or not. Besides, he didn't want things between adults to affect the

ey were all here to pursue excitement and madness. After a night of romance, no one had to be responsible for each other. They went back home and did their own business.

Sometimes, when Jack woke up, he often couldn't remember what the woman who had spent the night with him looked like. They just took what they needed to dispel loneliness.

Jack used to think it was a good thing, and life was like a drama, just a game life. But he didn't know why, in the dim light of the bar, these enchanting faces with heavy makeup made him feel sad and tired for no reason. It seemed that he was not in the mood to deal with these women today.

"Forget it. Let's go, we have drunk enough today. I have to continue to be Dr. Jack tomorrow. Ha ha. " Jack smiled with self-mockery and accepted Cary's suggestion. Although he didn't want to go home, he had to go on with his own life. Even if he wanted to escape, he had to come back tomorrow. In the end, he had to face it.

He thought it over and found that it was not a big deal. Five years ago, when Bess left, he had survived, after all. Now, she just left again. But it was not the first time anyway. It was no big deal.

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