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   Chapter 99 Pain In The Past

Adoration Beyond Compare By Ying Suhua Characters: 5534

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"It must be a big blow to Fred, or he wouldn't have changed so much. He'd even rather give up his own career and be a lazy bar owner here. " Bess guessed that this matter could greatly hurt Fred, and it was enough to destroy everything of a person.

"Yes, you are right. Fred had changed a lot since that incident. He almost did something stupid because of this. If it weren't for Tom's preventing, Fred would have been dead. Every time I see Fred's sad face, I feel sorry for him. " As she spoke, Adele's voice choked with sobs.

Hearing Adele's words, Bess's heart sank. She wondered what could make a person so painful that he even wanted to give up his life.

Adele wiped his eyes and continued, "Actually, Bess, Fred is not what you think. In the past, he had a very good girlfriend, and they were about to get married. But his girlfriend is sick, there is a tumor in her brain. "

"Really? You mean her girlfriend died in the end, right?" Bess's heart jolted. She had never known that under the dissolute appearance of Fred, he would have such a single-minded heart.

"Yes, that girl is indeed dead." Adele nodded sadly and continued, "But if that thing had not happened, Fred wouldn't have been living in self-reproach all the time. "

"What? What else happened?"

Adele lowered her head and held the hands tightly. "I just told you that Fred used to be a very famous doctor. When he learned that his girlfriend had a brain tumor, he was eager to save her, so he personally operated on her to remove the tumor. "

"Did the operation fail?" Bess asked, "In that case, it will be too pitiful. "

"Not only did the operation fail, Fred's

ght. "Do I still love Jack? If I still love him, why did I leave him without hesitation and study music in America? If I didn't love him, then why would I be so happy to see him again after so many years? Why do I feel heartbroken and angry when see him flirting with other women? "

Seeing that Bess kept her head down and didn't say anything, Adele looked at her with concern. "Bess, did I say something wrong?"

"It doesn't matter. I just don't know how to answer you. In fact, I can't explain it clearly myself. Look, I'm so stupid that I don't even know how to deal with my own feelings. " Bess smiled bitterly and spread out her hands helplessly.

"Bess, don't say that. In fact, I can see that you still care about your ex-boyfriend, right? If possible, don't you want to be with him again? After all, it's not easy to find someone you like. " Adele looked at Bess with understanding and comforted her.

Bess pretended to smile indifferently, "Adele, don't worry about me. I'm fine. Besides, so many years have passed, and he probably doesn't care about our previous relationship anymore.

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