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   Chapter 98 Fred got angry

Adoration Beyond Compare By Ying Suhua Characters: 8907

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Looking at the picky and suspicious look on Bess's face, Fred was really pissed off. He was about to take back his handkerchief and said, "People like you can't be treated well. Well it's unnecessary for me to do this, I shouldn't care whether you want it or not. "

"Hey, old man, don't be angry. I was just kidding. You are getting angrier and angrier as you get older. When did I say I don't want it? " In fact, this time, Bess came back in a hurry and didn't bring any clothes to change. She didn't want to stain the clothes either, so she quickly grabbed the hand that Fred was about to withdraw and said with a smile.

When the two person were quarreling for the handkerchief, the door was opened. Hearing the door open, Fred and Bess looked back at the same time.

It was Adele, who didn't come back last night. As soon as Adele entered the room, she saw Bess and Fred quarreling, and she was stunned. Then she stuck out her tongue and touched her head naughtily. "Sorry, I didn't see anything, you can continue. You can continue." Then she smiled and was about to leave.

"Don't talk nonsense. Come back." Seeing the ambiguous smile on Adele's face, Fred knew that she must have misunderstood them again. He quickly let go of Bess's hand and called Adele back loudly.

Bess also felt a little embarrassed, so she took the handkerchief from Fred's hand, as if she was trying to hide her embarrassment. While wiping her mouth, she said with a wry smile, "Ha ha, people's minds are sometimes really connected, I just said that I wanted to thank you, and then you just came back."

"Nothing. Nothing. What did you say this, Bess? There's nothing to thank. If necessary, I can disappear at any time. " Influenced by Paul and others, Adele also regarded Fred and Bess as a couple, and followed them to make fun of these two persons sometimes.

"That's enough. You are as boring as David, just don't make fun of us like that again. I don't want to say it a second time." Fred scolded Adele. He took the casserole on the table and walked out without looking back.

Looking at the disappearing figure of Fred, Adele walked over, hissed at Bess and asked in a low voice, "What's up? Did you quarrel with each other? Why is Fred so angry? No wonder when I came back just now, I saw Tom and others all in low spirits. It seems that they have already been scolded by Fred. Well, they were just so mean and didn't remind me, and now I was also being scolded. "

"Don't mind him. He is the only one who holds such an unstable temper, well, he might be in kind of menopause. " Bess said casually, yawning. Although she said it lightly, she still felt a little em

the tongue, Adele quickly covered her mouth and found an excuse to escape downstairs.

How could Bess let go of Adele so easily? It was a good opportunity to inquire about the past of Fred. She quickly grabbed Adele's hand and pulled her to sit down on the bed. She stared at Adele with her eyes wide open and asked, "Adele, let me ask you if we are good friends? "

"Yes, of course." Bess was clenching Adele's fists, so she was unable to break free. She lowered her head and said, "But Fred never allows anyone to mention it. I didn't know it until Tom told me something. "

"I know. I know. Don't worry. I won't tell anyone else. I swear." Bess raised her three fingers and swore, "Adele, just tell me. You know, if my curiosity can't be satisfied, I can't fall asleep."

"Well, I can tell you, but you really can't tell anyone else. And you can't mention it in front of Fred. Otherwise, I will be scolded to death. " Seeing that Bess couldn't change her mind, Adele had to agree.

"Okay, okay. I won't mention it. I'll keep it to myself. Just tell me. I'm so worried. " Now, Bess was completely refreshed and looked at Adele excitedly.

"Actually, many years have passed. At that time, there was no the small bar where we always gather together, and Fred was a doctor. "

"Doctor? Do you mean he was a doctor before? What a big difference! " Bess couldn't connect the slovenly boss of the bar, Fred, with the profession of a doctor.

"Don't underestimate Fred, He used to be a highly skilled doctor. I heard from Tom that he was very famous in that area. But after that incident, he couldn't take up the scalpel anymore. So he quit the career of a doctor, and then became the owner of the bar. " Speaking of the past, Adele was really sympathized with Fred.

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