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   Chapter 97 Don't Push Yourself Too Hard

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The colliding was so ached, Bess covered her forehead with her hands and cried out in pain, "You still scold me. I haven't scolded you yet, okay? I finally fell asleep, why did you come up to scare me. Ouch, it really hurts. "

"You are so unlucky? I am really the unlucky one, okay? " Rubbing her red forehead, Bess glared at Fred and said, "Fred, let's go to fortune teller one day."

"What are you thinking about?" Fred asked Bess, raising his head.

"Let's go and figure out if we can never get along well with each other. Or you are taking revenge or something like that in our previous life. " Bess just crossed her legs and sat up on the bed. "If so, we can find a way to break it. "

Fred was really amused by Bess's words. "Well, I'm convinced. Just take it as what I owe you in my previous life. Don't try to find a solution. I don't think I can afford to offend you, Miss Bess, I'll keep away from you, okay? "

Then Fred stood up and was about to leave. He pointed at the casserole on the table and said, "By the way, there is porridge on the table. You can have some if you are hungry. "

"Porridge? Did you make it? " Glancing at the steaming porridge in the pot, Bess came closer and smelled it. "It smells good, huh?"

"It's none of your business to find out who made it, you just had a stomachache and have some. It would be better." Fred hadn't cooked for others for a long time, he turned his head uneasily and deliberately didn't look at Bess.

Hearing Fred's words, Bess wrinkled her nose and sighed, "Well. It's too casual of you to do that. Look at me, I'm so uncomfortable, how couldn't you cook more delicious food for me, but just a pot of porridge and sent me away? "

"What? Well, you are so hard to please. You are the one who said you were hungry, and now you are the one who dislikes the food I send fo

urned to her body.

Feeling much more comfortable, Bess's head began to function normally again. She stretched herself and asked casually, "Fred, you just mentioned Adele's room, yes? Why didn't I see her? It's really troublesome for me to stay in her room all night. I have to thank her. "

Fred rolled his eyes at Bess. Seeing that she was at ease, he didn't want to argue with her anymore. He put the pot on the table and answered, "Adele sent her grandma back yesterday, but she didn't come back. Maybe she stayed there. Of course you should thank her, if there wasn't Adele's room, I wouldn't know where I should settle you. "

"I know, I know. Fred, I find that you are getting more and more verbose now." Feeling there were some sticky things around the lips, Bess wanted to wipe them with her sleeves, but was stopped by Fred.

Fred frowned and looked at the careless girl, he took out a handkerchief from his pocket and handed it to Bess. "Don't wipe it with your sleeve. There are some remained porridge on your mouth. Don't make your clothes dirty."

"Is your handkerchief clean? Maybe I don't need it." Looking at the casual look on Fred's face, Bess looked at the handkerchief he handed over with suspicion.

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