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   Chapter 94 Don't Make Fun Of Me

Adoration Beyond Compare By Ying Suhua Characters: 5896

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"Ouch!" When she was about to get up, she felt a splitting headache. "It hurts so much. Why am I so uncomfortable?"

"Humph, you know how uncomfortable it is?" Fred said in an unfriendly tone, leaning against the door with an angry face and crossing his hands over his chest.

Bess tried to open her eyes and looked at the door. It took her a long time to see clearly that the person standing by the door was Fred. She frowned and tried to recall what happened yesterday.

Although she tried her best to think as fast as she could, she could only vaguely remember a few blurry fragments.

It seemed that last night, she was very happy because the performance was very successful. She was celebrating with Paul and others, so she drank several more glasses of wine. And she seemed to say something else?

"What did I say?" Bess shook her head in distress, but the more she shook, the more dizzy she felt.

"Is it broken?" Fred said crossly.

"Where is it? Why are you here? " When Bess realized that she was lying in a strange room, she quickly checked her clothes. She felt relieved when she found that her clothes were still in good condition except that they were a little messy.

"Hey, do you have watched too many TV dramas? Look at yourself now. I think even a man with a good appetite may not be able to have a taste like this. " Fred looked at Bess with disgust and felt sorry for her belated female consciousness. "Besides, isn't it too late for you realize that now? "

"I said I felt terrible. Why did you still say such words to me? " Bess struggled to get up, but as soon as she stood up, she felt more dizzy and almost fell to the ground.

Fred quickly walked over and held the shaky Bess. "If you can't drink, then don't drink. You had

counter such a thing. It's a matter of time for you to learn for this kind of things. "

"Don't make fun of me. I feel terrible." Lying on the bed, Bess felt dizzy and her stomach was churning.

"I think you didn't eat anything yesterday but just drank. There is nothing to vomit in your stomach now. Besides, you might have caught a cold last night, so you feel so uncomfortable. " When Fred saw Bess who was sleeping in that way last night, he guessed that she must have caught a cold.

Holding her head which seemed to be heavy, Bess raised her eyes and stared at Fred. "You're not a doctor. It's useless to say that. I'm in such a mess now. You can just laugh at me. " People who had a hangover always got up with anger. Now, Bess just vented her anger on Fred.

Hearing the word "doctor", Fred's face changed slightly, but then he turned around and walked out as he said, "I'll go out for a while. This is Adele's room, you can have a rest."

"Adele's room?" Bess wanted to ask more, but before she could open her mouth, the door was slammed shut by Fred. Bess was shocked and wondered where she had offended this strange man again. Why did he become so angry?

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