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   Chapter 93 Laughing And Crying

Adoration Beyond Compare By Ying Suhua Characters: 5895

Updated: 2020-05-06 00:24

Over the years, Fred felt that he had become more indifferent to everything. If it was not necessary, he would not care about it.

He smiled bitterly, thinking that he might really be old. He was referring not only to the appearance, but also to the mental state.

Fred looked at the energetic girl lying on the bed quietly, well, Bess couldn't even be quietly while sleeping. She frowned slightly, moved her hands and feet restlessly and threw the quilt aside.

Fred sighed and stood up, he picked up the quilt and covered Bess with it.

Just as Fred was about to leave, he was grabbed by the sleeping Bess and pulled towards herself.

Fred was completely unprepared. When he came to his senses and stopped Bess, he found that he was only one finger away from her face.

Looking at the face so close to him, Fred was so surprised that he even forgot to breathe. It was the first time he had looked at Bess so closely that he could even feel her breath.

Fred didn't dare to make any noise. He wanted to break away from the shackles of Bess, but he didn't know what this stubborn girl had dreamed of. Instead, she just grasped him more and more tightly, showing no intention of letting him go.

Fred had no choice but to keep his original posture, not daring to disturb the sleeping Bess. He thought, "Why is this girl so troublesome even when she sleeps? "

Just as his arms were in a stalemate with pain, Bess muttered in her dream, "Don't go, I won't let you leave me, I know it's my fault. Can't you forgive me?"

The more she said, the sadder she became. At last, she began to cry. This made Fred suffer a lot, he had no experience in dealing with a drunken woman.

He felt helpless and distressed, if someone came in at this time and saw hi

emembered something. Once upon a time, there was a girl who liked to pester him and let him blow the smoke out of the circle.

And every time he would meet the girl's requirements, and he would also be a little complacent, as if he had done a great thing.

Thinking of the past, Fred's heart ached again. He threw the cigarette butt on the ground irritably and stubbed it out.

Fred turned around and was about to leave, he went downstairs and wanted to get himself drunk. Only when he was drunk could he temporarily get rid of the past and breathe a sigh of relief.

However, when he turned around, he suddenly stopped and looked back. Looking at the closed door, he knew that Bess was asleep inside, so he was still a little worried.

After struggling for a while, Fred finally came back helplessly. But he didn't have the courage to go in again. On such a night, he should not stay alone in the room with Bess.

But he couldn't leave her alone in the room, so he lit a cigarette again, leaned against the stairs and smoked to refresh himself.

Bess's long curled eyelashes trembled slightly. Finally, she opened her eyes and woke up in the dazzling sunlight.

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