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   Chapter 91 I'll Take You Here Again

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"Why not leave now?" Seeing that Tom didn't move, Bess turned to ask.

"Your seat was usually where the place where Fred would sit," Said Tom, and his words indicated that Bess shouldn't just leave Fred alone here. If someone should be leaf, it would be her but not Fred.

Bess sighed helplessly. She unfastened the seat belt, opened the door and got out of the car. She stared at Fred with an unconvinced face, reached out her hand and said angrily, "Give me the car key! "

Fred knew that Bess would come down, so he smiled proudly and handed the car key to her.

Until the two of them set out, Bess still had an angry expression on her face. Fred, on the other hand, sat on the passenger seat leisurely, looking at the scenery outside and the angry but lovely Bess.

"You are an adult. Why can't you drive a car?" Bess couldn't help complaining, and the boss-employee mode was broken in less than half a day.

"Well, I can drive, but I just don't want to drive!" Fred said indifferently. In fact, he had a car accident before and had never sat on the driver's seat since he had a shadow.

"Are you kidding me? Why did you do that? " Hearing this, Bess was furious. Of course, she felt that Fred was still angry because she contradicted him this morning.

She spat out all her resentment, "I just went home for two days, okay? I came to your bar for my freedom and for my dream. I slipped home and wanted to take my musical instruments to the band. But my father just arrested me. Do you know how much I had fought to get out? You should thank God that I could show up in front of you. Don't you think you've earned a lot with such a cute waitress like me? You even lost your temper at me. If I hadn't been so generous, you wouldn't have been sitting next to me so comfortably now! "

Bess continued. Fred listened quietly and couldn't help smiling again. It turned to be like this! If Bess had treated him like this earlier, they wouldn't have shivered in the morning!

Fred had a

dma to the wheelchair, wrapped her up with clothes and a blanket covering her legs, and talked loudly with her, "It's windy outside, don't catch a cold. I'll check for you after the performance!"

The old woman held Fred's hand on the wheelchair and smiled kindly. She nodded, indicating that she had heard it clearly.

Following Fred, Adele pushed her grandma towards the stage.

It was getting dark and the lights on the stage became bright. The chairs were filled with guests one after another.

Fred pushed the grandma to the first row and saw Adele standing on the stage with a guitar on her back. The five people on the stage nodded in tacit agreement and began to perform under the lead of Bess. The atmosphere gradually became lively.

The grandma looked at Adele's confident look on the stage, tears slowly welled up in her eyes and blurred her eyes! Adele was like a miracle, showing her own strong will. The grandma was not sure whether she was gratified or moved. Anyway, that night was unforgettable for her.

Nothing was happier than looking at her own granddaughter, safe and happy! There was no regret in her life.

Some people's lives were fading away with comprehension and satisfaction, while some people were still exploring what love was worth paying in their lives. Just like Fred at this moment.

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