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   Chapter 89 A Cold War

Adoration Beyond Compare By Ying Suhua Characters: 6955

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"You young couple are quarreling with each other in various ways. Don't pretend, I have seen you sit together with that man, and I don't think you will go back on your words. You see..." The waiter's words were obvious, if she didn't pay, she wouldn't be able to leave today!

"I'm telling you, I really don't know that bastard!" As she spoke, she took out dozens of dollars from her pocket and heavily put them in the hands of the waiter. "Here you are! I just spent a lot of money to teach myself a lesson! Bad luck today! "

After coming out of the coffee shop, Susan felt that she had suffered a great loss today! Being flirted by a rogue, not only let him run away, but also paid for his coffee! What's the use of being mean!

Yes, this girl was Susan, who had a blind date with Jack. She was also forced to go on blind dates by her family. After going through countless strange blind dates, she had no choice but to use a unique skill today, but she did not expect to meet an excellent one!

Not willing to be fooled like this, Susan thought she must take revenge. It was a piece of cake to find Jack!

"Fred, I didn't see you last night. Did you lock yourself in the dark room again?" Bess got up early in the morning. As expected, Fred was still lying on the lounge chair at the bar counter.

Seeing Fred squinting and ignoring her, Bess said to herself, "After the auction was over last night, you didn't even show up in the bar, and it was Tom's band who helped you clean. Do you really take yourself as a senior?"

Bess leaned against the bar counter, drinking water with a glass in her hand. Out of the corner of her eye, she kept glancing at Fred, who was pretending to be asleep. He was really patient, and she had never been so shameless to rush up like this! It was too embarrassing!

"Hey, can you stop pretending to be asleep? Do you think I don't know you are pretending to be asleep? " Bess kicked Fred angrily and shouted at him.

Fred didn't expect that this girl would be so bold after she came back! Being kicked by her, Fred snorted and opened

t turned out that in Fred's eyes, she was just a waitress who always bothered him! After saying that, Bess turned around and went to the bar counter.

In fact, Bess knew that she didn't have to be so serious. After all, the relationship between her and Fred was just a coincidence caused by herself in the first beginning. But the sudden estrangement made Bess depressed. Fred was old, and there was indeed a generation gap between them!

Fred went straight into the room and closed the door. He put his hand on his heart. He took a deep breath. When did this little girl make him care so much. Even his heart was pounding. Fred realized the danger and tried to push Bess away, but he couldn't hide his disappointment.

Did he really like the new and tired of the old? Several years of waiting was no more than a few months of staying with other women day and night? Fred couldn't figure it out, but he didn't want to think about it now.

Jack had experienced a weird blind date. After returning to the clinic, he put on the white coat and began to be in a daze, holding his head.

'Shall I go to see Bess today?' That woman said she was going to marry him. But she had been staying in the bar all day long and had never come to the clinic to see him. Seeing that he was forced to go on blind dates day by day, Jack still had a crush on her, but he was timid and worried a lot.

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