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   Chapter 87 Exchanging Information

Adoration Beyond Compare By Ying Suhua Characters: 6678

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Because Aaron didn't understand why Rae didn't directly use this child to separate Yvonne and Cary, but still asked him to help. Then she showed up with the child. There must be something strange, but Aaron didn't want to expose it. If he continued to investigate in secret, he would definitely have gotten some weakness of Rae.

Ellie felt unbelievable. She even doubted the authenticity of this matter. If there was a child between the two of them, how could Yvonne not know? From the day Cary met with Yvonne, it was obvious that he hadn't put her down yet. Things suddenly became interesting.

"It's your turn to speak!" Aaron wanted to know whether this information would worth it or not.

"Yvonne and Cary met each other again in a small bar. Cary won't let go of Yvonne easily. Now that the three of them are in such a relationship, don't you think we can use a lot of things? " Ellie squinted at him with a smile. Her eyes were full of schemes. After becoming a woman, Ellie became more mature and charming.

"Oh? Tell me. " Aaron tried to find out whether Ellie was thinking the same with him.

"Since Cary has met Yvonne, he will definitely find someone to investigate her. This time, the two of them might not have entangled with each other again, what Cary wants is just the revenge on Yvonne. However, as long as something happens between the two of them, Ms. Rae, who is in charge of you, will definitely lose her patience. Besides, that child is also suspicious. Shouldn't you investigate her? " As Ellie spoke, she stroked the beard on Aaron's chin. Her eyes were sharp and sexy.

"You are really a treasure I have dug out! Don't deny it, you and I are the same kind of people! " Aaron's eyes widened in excitement, grinning louder and louder.

This was exactly the best time for Aaron, he was holding a beauty in his arms and holding his career tightly. It would really bring him a lot of benefits by taking advantage of Yvonne and Cary.

Like a ruffian, Aaron kissed ha

use that she was sick!

"Marriage is a lifetime event. You say you don't want to go for blind dates, you say you don't want to go back home, do you still care about me as your mother?" Jack's mother sat on the sofa and lost her temper at her son.

"Then you don't have to make up such a lie to deceive me to go home! It's my freedom to get married or not. You are an intellectual. Why don't you understand this! Why are you so rude? Otherwise, my father won't become intolerant with you! " Jack sat cross legged on the sofa, dismissing and even a little disdainful of his mother's behavior.

"Are you talking to your mother like that? If your father can't stand me, he won't have been with me for half a life! You are my son. Shouldn't I care about when you'll get married? " Jack's mother was irritated by his words, she slapped him on the face and looked at this nearly thirty son who would only flirted with women outside.

"You always hang out with girls. Why don't you bring one for me! How could I have such a useless son like you! " The more she said, the angrier she became.

"Mom! I can tell what you're thinking about, it's okay for me to go to the bureau of civil affairs with any woman, right? " Jack looked at his mother in confusion and asked, "As a doctor, how could I become such a bachelor in your eyes? "

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