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   Chapter 85 Green-hand In Workplace

Adoration Beyond Compare By Ying Suhua Characters: 7086

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It seemed that Ellie was comforting Yvonne, but in fact, she hoped that the two of them would never have any relation. It couldn't happen to Yvonne that she could get Cary's love.

Hearing what Ellie said, Yvonne knew that what she said was right, but she couldn't help thinking about him. She had almost smoothed his appearance, but now she saw him again. His features became clear again.

"You always owe me, forever!" Cary's words echoed in Yvonne's ears, as if the world had collapsed.

"Ellie, I'm afraid it won't be that easy for me to get out this time." Yvonne had a hunch that Cary wouldn't let her go. The two of them were destined to suffer great losses.

Ellie's eyes became fierce, it seemed that she had to speed up. First, she had to deal with that bastard Aaron, and then she would go to a higher position step by step. Only in this way, she would not be afraid all day long.

It was another sleepless night. People were thinking about their own things, hatred, longing, and entanglement, forming a line that intertwined with each other. Since the day had come, everyone had to face it.

Today was the first day that Yvonne went to work, she was ready and encouraged herself to face a new life. She had to see what would happen in the future step by step.

"Hello! I'm the new employee here today! " Finding Hal, Yvonne bowed politely. Full of energy.

"I'll take you to the personnel department first. You will be an intern for three months, and we'll decide whether to hire you or not according to your performance during the internship! Come on, work hard, I believe you! " Looking at this little girl who had just entered the workplace, Hal unconsciously wanted to take care of her.

"Thank you! Am I going to work with you in the future? " Yvonne followed Hal and asked cautiously. This man looked nice, if she was with him, she would be very lucky!

"Yes, but it should be difficult for us to meet each other in usual times. After you work, the Department Manager will teach you some experience. During the three months of your internship, you mainly check the sales of the products o

had a deep feeling when she entered the workplace sometime earlier than Yvonne.

"It's not a big deal, I thought I entered this company on my own strength. I've planned to devote my youth to this company and prepare to show off! Now it seems that I'd better be a qualified charlady for three months! " Since Yvonne had nowhere to use her power, she had no choice but to accept her fate.

"Well, I don't have time to talk more now. I have to work again. Since I'm so busy, I'd rather be a charlady for three months. I'm tired both physically and mentally! " Looking at the pile of data on her desk, Ellie felt a headache.

"Okay, fighting! See you at home tonight." Looking at the fast food in her hand after hanging up the phone, Yvonne sighed helplessly. She sighed on her first day at work, which made her look like a failure!

Anyway, it was good to have a job! She could learn even from doing chores! Fighting! Yvonne encouraged herself in heart. She looked at the tasteless fast food and ate it in a vigorous gulp! She didn't have the strength to work until she had the meal!

What Yvonne didn't know was that her conversation with Ellie had been heard by others all the time. Hal was smoking against the wall at the corner of the stairs. When Yvonne came in, he put out the cigarette. When he was about to leave, he heard what Yvonne said. This little girl was very interesting. Hal smiled again.

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