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   Chapter 79 Sweet Talker

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"Well, let's think about what we are going to do tonight. You spent my only money again." Fred was still closing his eyes, it seemed normal that he didn't have money. However, his bar became noisy again. Fred, who had always been quiet, actually missed this atmosphere a little.

"Fred, you are so boring. We haven't seen each other for a long time, but you know money! I'll treat you tonight, okay? " Looking at Fred, who was leaning against the sofa with his eyes closed, Bess was still a little angry. It seemed that her disappearance didn't affect him at all! She didn't have the sense of achievement!

Fred didn't respond, but opened one of his eyes secretly and looked at Bess next to him. She looked around and shook her head. Fred couldn't describe how he felt. She just liked a lively bird flying into his life. Or a few drops of cool rain falling from a sunny day. It was like an accident, or a surprise.

After delivering the takeout, Jay carried the suitcase into the shop. Regardless of whether the table was oily or not, he directly sat on the chair and said to the hostess who was cleaning up in the kitchen, "Water, water, auntie, give me a bottle of water! I'm exhausted. There's no water in my body! I'm in urgent need of supplement. "

The hostess smiled and handed a glass of water to Jay, who was sweating, and she joked, "What do you think? Now you know that it's not easy to do any work, right? "

Jay took the bottle and couldn't wait to open it. He drank half a bottle of water in one breath and quenched his thirst, then he answered the hostess comfortably, "We are all ordinary people at the bottom of the society. Of course I know you are not easy! You will be relaxed with me in the future! Let me help you. "

"You are such a sweet talker!" The hostess burst into laughter, this young man was really good at pleasing people.

"Will you do us a favor or be our hindrance? You only sent takeout to three places in total, and two places were wrong! How dare you ask for credit here? " As soon as Tom came back, he saw

nd Fred, as if he was observing something. Bess didn't understand what this strange boy was doing, was he the nephew of Fred? How could Fred have such a nephew?

Bess tried to ask for help from Tom, but he had turned around and went to the stage to play with the drum. It was better for her not to get involved in this kind of family conflict. Looking at Tom who had disappeared, Bess didn't know what to do.

"Hello, I'm Bess! It's the first time we meet, I don't know you. Don't blame me." Said Bess, trying to stop Jay from keeping an eye on her. Her tone was never so polite.

Fred deliberately kept silent, looking at the two person with similar hot tempers, he was really curious. If he could compare them, who would be more brazen in this respect.

"My name is Jay! What's the relationship between you and my uncle Fred? " Jay still didn't let go of her.

"Don't think too much about the relationship between boss and employee. Look at your uncle and me. I'm so beautiful, I shouldn't have been misunderstood as your aunt." Bess didn't expect that this fool really took the joke seriously.

"What's wrong with my uncle Fred? When he was young, he was handsome and attractive. I don't know how many girls have been attracted by him, and even you are not even qualified to wait in line like this in the past! " Jay defended his uncle and spoke rudely.

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