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   Chapter 77 Strength For Working

Adoration Beyond Compare By Ying Suhua Characters: 6158

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"You should look into the mirror now." Harris said innocently and left Hal and entered his office.

"Hey! Hal looked at them helplessly and murmured, "It's just because I love talents so much! "

"Really? You are admitted? Ellie asked in surprise, she didn't expect that Yvonne could find a job so soon.

"Yes, I didn't expect that. Now I feel like in a dream." Yvonne was walking on the road, giggling foolishly.

"Stop dreaming! Let's go out for dinner tonight to celebrate your first official job in your life. "

"Leo, you are so kind to me! I'll invite you to have dinner with Jay tonight, I'm so happy today." After saying that, Yvonne decided to have a pity on him, she wanted to share such a happy thing with Jay, who was once her "younger brother".

Hearing the name of Jay, Ellie's eyes twinkled, she smiled as if nothing had happened and said, "Okay, see you tonight."

"Yes! Don't work overtime tonight." Yvonne was afraid that Ellie, this workaholic, would work overtime all night.

"Don't worry. I can check the time when I work overtime! I will definitely go tonight." Replied Ellie helplessly.

"That's good. I'll wait for you at night." After hanging up the phone, Yvonne began to walk around the street happily. She had finally taken the first step for her dream! She was so happy!

Jay had never sent takeout, he agreed to it just to get close to Yvonne, so he had to pay the price! He naturally ignored the threat of Fred. Since he had already moved in, what could Fred do to him even if he didn't send takeout? So Jay didn't arrive at the fast food restaurant opened by the Tom until noon.

"Is it here?" Looking at the signboard of the shop, Jay was sure that it was here. But it was worse than he had imagined. Jay had no choice but to enter the shop. He touched the greasy table, took a dozen pieces o

l doesn't admit defeat, but finally he put on an ugly coat and gave in to the two people's oppression.

"How can I ride this motorcycle?" Jay was sitting on a small motorcycle, supporting the ground with his long legs, wearing a helmet and fiddling with the accelerator. He looked very cute.

"Why are you so stupid!" Tom looked at Jay helplessly, "Look at me! Then he showed it to Jay and left him behind, he didn't want to care about him anymore, so Tom rode his motorcycle and left.

Jay finally let go of his motorbike after learning from Tom. Seeing that Tom had left, Jay started the motorbike immediately and chased after him anxiously. "Hey, you haven't told me where the take out is! "

That's it. Then Jay started his first delivery trip.

"I won't eat!" Bess was still struggling for her freedom. She didn't know when the struggle would end, but she knew that she would win one day.

"Miss Bess, please have some food. Yesterday, Mr. Sampson had agreed to let you go to that bar!" Thomson was persuading her patiently outside the door with food in his hands.

"What? I can't believe it. Sam, don't lie to me! I have to fight against that stubborn old man to the end!" Bess still chose not to believe it.

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