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   Chapter 71 Why Are You Here

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"Then come to my company after the interview. Let's have lunch together, okay?" Ellie had told Yvonne this morning.

"I'm on the square in front of your company, and I'm waiting for you." After saying that, Yvonne hung up the phone.

She felt much better after the phone call with Ellie. Fortunately, she was not alone now. She smiled again, it turned out that sadness could be cured in this way.

"Why must Bella come to see mom? Is it boring to follow daddy? " Holding Bella's hand, Cary bent down and asked her.

He had planned to take Bella with him today, but after the whole morning, Bella insisted on coming to the company to see her mother. Cary had no choice but to bring Bella here.

"I've never been to a place where mom works, and she said that I couldn't come here to look for her because Bella didn't have a father. But now I have a father, I can pick her up from work with dad and have dinner together. I heard that other children are all like this." Bella raised her head and said innocently.

"Then daddy will call mommy down, okay?" Cary had no choice but to compromise like this, he could never refuse Bella's request. It was impossible for Cary to swagger into the company of Lin Family with Bella. Or in this way, the whole city would know that Cary had a five year old daughter overnight, and she was also the child of Rae. He still felt a little resistant.

"Are you in the company?" As soon as the phone was connected, Cary's tone was not as gentle as before. "I'll wait for you downstairs with Bella. Let's have lunch together."

Of course, Rae didn't expect that Cary would take the initiative to look for her. She agreed immediately and said, "Okay, I happen to be free this afternoon. I'll be right downstairs. "After hanging up the phone, Rae immediately went downstairs with her bag, regardless of the pile of documents on the table.

Yvonne had been waiting on the square for near

rd, Ellie saw a familiar figure looking around in front of her. Ellie took a closer look and saw the familiar face of Yvonne. Before she could dodge, her eyes met Yvonne's. When they met each other, Ellie's heart rose again.

"Why are you here, Yvonne?" Confused, Ellie walked towards Yvonne and asked calmly. She was worried that Aaron would come out of the stairwell and Yvonne would see him.

"I've been waiting for you downstairs for a long time. If you don't come up, I have to find you myself. Yvonne looked at Ellie innocently and asked, "Why are you here in the staircase? I just passed out and came here, I didn't expect to meet you here. "

"I... There were too many people waiting for the elevator just now. How did you get up? No outsider is allowed to come in our company." Ellie quickly changed the topic, walked forward and held Yvonne's arm, she wanted to take her away from here as she spoke.

"Of course I sneaked up, It took me a lot of effort. Do you still have time to eat now?" Yvonne was finally relieved to find Ellie. She waited for the elevator with Ellie and asked her with concern, afraid that she had no time to eat.

"I think so. It's okay. I finished my work in advance this morning, so I'm not in a hurry at noon." Said Ellie considerately.

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