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   Chapter 61 A Complete Family

Adoration Beyond Compare By Ying Suhua Characters: 6864

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"Bella drew a picture for you today and wanted to give it to you, I didn't have the heart to let her cry to sleep, so I brought her here." Rae said sadly, "If I know you will be unhappy about this, I'll go wake Bella up, and we'll leave here."

"Where is the picture of Bella?" Cary sat on the sofa and asked softly. Although he was disgusted with what Rae did, he didn't want to make Bella sad because of the grudge between the two adults.

"Bella worked hard on it and got the bouquet. She is very happy to see it!" As Rae spoke, she carefully took out a painting container from Mickey Bag on the sofa and unfolded it in front of Cary.

Cary took over the painting, which was colorful. It was a family of three, with two adults holding a little girl, and on the top right corner "A Happy Family", he was touched after seeing it. 'It seems that I have missed a lot of childhood experiences about Bella.'

"Bella has painted many such a family of three, but the father always looked blurry before. When you appeared in her life, she painted this picture, and I knew that it is the real family in Bella's mind. Speaking of this, Bella has a complete family now. Cary, can we establish a family for Bella in the future? Let's try your best to make up for what we have done to her in the past few years." Seeing that the guilt in Cary's eyes had become evident, Rae added insult to injury at once and pretended to be pitiful while crying. She slowly put her hands on his shoulders, looking pitiful.

"I said I would make up for Bella, but this doesn't mean that there is still a chance for us to be together. Rae, it's been so many years, even if I no longer hate you, I will not still have love for you. Do you understand?" As soon as Cary finished saying that, he removed Rae's hand from his shoulder, as if he didn't want to stay close with her for one more second. He stood up with the painting and was about to go upstairs.

"Is it because of Yvonne? You still can't forget her, can you? " Rae also stood up excitedly.

"Of course not." Cary s

initely fall in love with you a long time ago. " Yvonne held the phone in her hand and stood on tiptoe to look at the long queue in front of her.

"You're glib. Oh, I'll be late for work. See you tonight." Ellie picked up her bag from the sofa, walked towards the door and slammed the door.

"See you tonight!" Yvonne hung up the phone and shouted at the man who had cut in line, "What are you doing? Why did you cut in line? You are not the only one who is in a hurry." Yvonne had always wanted to solve the problem for the others! She just couldn't stand it anymore!

As soon as Yvonne finished speaking, the people around her heckled with her, "That's right, you have to queue up here, and we all do it on such a hot day. You don't deserve to be a gentleman."

The man cutting in line left resentfully. He was just staring at Yvonne, then he grabbed her purse under the gaze of Yvonne. Yvonne came to blows with him instead, she didn't fear at all, she had no fear of him at all! But she didn't expect him to walk past her.

A little bit complacent! She, a model of justice, was again coming to this world to save all kinds of immoral things! She was totally unaware that her wallet had been stolen. The crowd shut up and remained silent, pretending they didn't know anything. At this point, as long as it didn't endanger them, they wouldn't be in trouble!

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