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   Chapter 46 Fear Of Losing

Adoration Beyond Compare By Ying Suhua Characters: 6366

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Fred knew that Bess's behavior was not serious again. He put the tablecloth on the bar counter and walked out, ignoring Bess.

"Haha! Hahaha! You are so cute, Fred! " Bess's laughter rang behind him.

When Fred entered his bedroom, he walked straight to the bathroom. In the mirror, looking at himself and touching his whiskers which were not as thick as Bess had imagined, and he couldn't help but wonder, 'Well, it's indeed not as bad as I've imagined!'! He was just as young as he was several years ago, and didn't look old at all! If Bess said he was old all the time, he would definitely be old later!

"Fred! Fred! Fred !" Bess knocked on Fred's door again.

'The annoying girl again!' When Fred was about to go to bed, he lay prone on the bed and reluctantly got up, afraid that the door would be damaged if she knocked again!

"What's up? What time is it now? " With a yawn, Fred opened the door and looked at Bess.

"Can you lend me a shirt?" With a pitiful look on her face, Bess held the door tightly, fearing that Fred would drive her away.

"A shirt?" Fred looked at Bess up and down in confusion.

"Look at the clothes, I wore it when I ran away from home, now they are almost torn. Look, there's a hole in it!" Bess didn't get shy, she pointed at the hem of her shirt and showed it to Fred.

"Okay, I see." Fred immediately turned around and went back to the room to take a white T-shirt for Bess and threw it to her. "Take your clothes and go away quickly."

"Hey, Fred, you're so nice to me!" Said Bess, looking at Fred, she almost cried, she only knew Fred for a few days since she left home, and she thought he had done the utmost.

"I'm not used to you like this. Go back to your bedroom and sleep." Fred closed the door impatiently and returned to bed, with a smile on his face.

When Bess returned to her room in the attic prepared by Fred several days ago, she to

o rent the bar today?" Bess didn't believe Fred anymore.

"No, I don't."

"How can we go there? Do you have a car? "Bess got the point.

"I... I don't know how to drive," Fred stammered in embarrassment, he ought to be an experienced driver at his age.

"You are so cute, Fred"

"Bess! "When Jack parked his car in front of the bar, he saw the two people talking at the door.

Jack's voice interrupted their talk, but Bess didn't expect that he would come here again. "Why are you here?" Bess walked up to Jack's car and spoke to him through the car window, "What's up? Do you miss me so soon? "

"What are you wearing?" Jack had noticed that the T-shirt on Bess was loose, so it was obviously not hers.

"I ran away from home without any clothes. Well, Dr. Jack, did you want to buy me some clothes?" Bess was still in a joking tone.

"Come on, let me take you to buy clothes." Jack was so generous.

In fact, Bess didn't really want to ask Jack to buy her clothes, but she change her mind when he said yes. She thought she'd better take advantage of Jack rather than trouble Fred, since it made her feel better and more comfortable, not to mention Jack hadn't paid for the wine yesterday.

Bess thought about it and said, "Okay, wait a minute."

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