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   Chapter 43 I Promise You

Adoration Beyond Compare By Ying Suhua Characters: 6574

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Before she met Cary, Yvonne's only weakness was her mother, so what Christina said really hurt her. Yvonne's wish before was to go back to her hometown after graduation, find a stable job, stay with her mother, and find a reliable man, and then spend the rest of her life without any fluctuation.

But to her surprise, after she met Cary, she had a day dream to be a princess, she wanted to try to follow her steps and adapt to his steps. She had been ready to face all the difficulties to challenge, but was stopped by her mother abruptly. No matter how unwilling she was in front of her mother, she seemed insignificant. She is nobody in this world, isn't she?

"Mom, I promise you, and I will graduate soon, after that, I will go back home to take care of you. I won't do anything to hurt you or bring shame on my father who have passed a long time ago." Yvonne held Christina in her arms without saying a word, suffering in silence.

'Finally, is it up to me to decide when our relationship will begin or end?'

Back to their hometown in the afternoon, Christina refused to be sent to the bus station by Yvonne because she was afraid Yvonne would cry. She remembered that her daughter was a person who loved to cry. But Yvonne still sent her to the car station, she grew up to be an understanding person and didn't shed a tear until she sent her mom to the car.

Waving her hand and saying goodbye to Yvonne, Christina got on the car on the way back. She wiped the tears secretly, but she never dared to let Yvonne see her weakness and fear. This was the bottom line that she had always stuck to when she brought her daughter up, no mother didn't love her own daughter!

A dull pain came from the part where Christina had the surgery, covering the part where she had received the surgery, she gritted her teeth and kept silent.

Jack had been longing for this day in the clinic, but he did not expect that Bess would not come back to find him. He even di

de and smoked a cigarette. Fred was a man of leisure, sleeping, smoking and drinking were the regular habits of his life.

He exhaled and looked around the pub, which was even more illusory and unreal in the smoke. The idle and casual voice sounded near his ears, singing the familiar whisper. With his eyes closed, he began to imagine her thin, red lips, the small nose, her eyes and thick eyelashes. She held the guitar and hummed under the soft light, her long hair waved a little as she moved, the fine fur on her face was visible. She was the person hidden in Fred's mind.

Everyone remembered the old days, some were unwilling to mention, some were like honey cans and some were like bees that hurt people. Even though Fred used to live a fresh life, now he was like an old cellar which had been sealed for a long time. The mellow atmosphere was no longer easily smooth.

"Is this the place you said?" Cary looked at the small bar near the medical school in Jack's student era, Cary didn't expect that it was still here.

"Are you taking me here to miss your youth?" Cary felt so speechless.

"How about going to that kind of dubious bar with me and find you two beauties to relieve your worries? I don't think Mr. Cary likes them." Jack looked at Cary and opened the door to get out of the car.

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