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   Chapter 38 Shark Bar

Adoration Beyond Compare By Ying Suhua Characters: 6629

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Ellie compromised, she promised to send the money to her father for the first time, and then couldn't say no to him anymore. In this case, Ellie became a hostess in bar. She accompanied the guests to sing, drink, and let the guest touch herself, the guests would give her a lot of money once they were happy.

But Ellie had her own bottom line, she never lost the last line of defense, and it was also because of this perseverance that she lost the job after the guest offered such an intention and was rejected by her.

Fortunately, Ellie was frugal and saved a lot of money when she was a hostess, and she began to make money only by other part-time jobs.

She thought she would stay in college for four years, and then go to a place where no one could find her and give up everything.

However, at the fourth year of senior, her father, who was addicted to alcohol, came to the school. He demanded an exorbitant sum of money from her and told her that he would not badger with her after the money was paid. How could Ellie have so much money? But with a fluke heart, she chose to believe him. Then she thought of the work she had done in freshman year.

As long as she could got the money, Ellie thought that she should take the risk again and it was the last time. As long as she earned money and gave it to him, she would have nothing to do with this so-called father.

So Ellie got in touch with a previous hostess in the club, who told her that it was impossible for her to go back to the club and keep on working there, furthermore, it was not so convenient to leave now. But she gave Ellie the name card of the Shark Bar and told her that there were also some barmaids who wanted to drink wine on the surface but they couldn't make a lot of money by doing that, but the guests were always very generous for tips.

Ellie decided to have a try and went to the Shark Bar. And then Ellie became a barmaids in Shark Bar.

Yvonne was the only friend she had made during

ame here last night, so I took her to the hotel nearby and slept there for the night. I'm sorry that I'm late and also sorry for letting you worry about me." Yvonne looked exhausted.

"It's okay as long as you are fine. But why did your mother come here all of a sudden? " Ellie pretended that she didn't know anything about it.

"I don't know, either. She gave me a tongue lashing lashes and forbade me to see Cary again, or she would break off with me." At the mention of it, Yvonne got a little excited. "How did she know that I have been in love with Cary? Ellie, after what happened yesterday, I really think that Cary is not the one who he used to be. I think that her love for me is true, but when I just wanted to start over with Cary, my mother appeared. What should I do? "

Yvonne shared her worries with Ellie straightly.

"Don't make your mom unhappy now, you just told me that she had received an operation, right? She is too weak. I think Cary will understand you. "Ellie tried to comfort her.

"I have no choice now. I didn't answer Cary's phone this morning."

Yvonne was in a dilemma now, but what Ellie said touched the vital point. 'Mom is the whole of me, I can't let her worry about me because of my willfulness. If something really happens to my mom, I will blame myself for a lifetime.'

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