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   Chapter 21 Sampson's Purpose

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The two entered Rae's office and sat down. The lawyer said, "As for Mr. Ronald's private property, he wants to give his two villa as a gift to your daughter, Bella."

"You don't have to tell me this, I'm not interested in or accept his property, while I deserve the share he has given me. As for the rest, I don't accept them!" Rae looked at the lawyer and said firmly, and her tone was never so tough.

"Okay, Miss Rae, I will convey your intention to Mr. Ronald. but there is another additional condition about the share transfer agreement you received in the meeting room. It's private, so I didn't convey it just now."

"What is it?" 'Sure enough, he won't transfer his shares to me so easily.' Rae thought. "What condition? I just want the position of the director. I can agree on any conditions as long as they don't get in the way. "

"Mr. Ronald wants you to take your daughter to the hospital to see him, you know, your father's organs are collapsing soon, he hopes to see your daughter before he leaves. If possible, he still wants to have a talk with you."

Hearing this, the lawyer was moved. Although he had been working in the court for many years and had received many cases, it was the first time that he had met a father and a daughter who had deep hatred. He wondered what kind of past and conflict had made them become enemies.

"Okay, I agree." Rae didn't expect that Ronald would ask her to do this. Five years ago, when he kicked her out, she no longer reckoned him as her father. Nobody could imagine under what kind of situation had she given birth to the child and brought her up. In the past five years, he had never offered her any help. But now, he was begging her for such a requirement. The past was so vivid and hard in her mind, but now it was different!

Holding Bella's hand, Rae was standing outside the ICU and looking through the window at Ronald who was lying inside.

"Rae, you finally came to see your father. He was lying in the ward and calling your name every day. He said that he wanted to see you. He also said that it was you that he had been most regret for these years. He was the one who had caused the hard time in your life, but your father is now ill, can you go in and see him?" Rae's mother was so tired and tears kept pouring out from her eyes. It seemed that she had cried too much and her eyes were swollen. But her eyes also showed a hint of begging.

"Mom, don't you hate him? He almost wants to divorce you! He has never let you see us in the past five years. He is a bully! And he is also the reason why I gave birth to Bella! He didn't consider our relationship and even kicked me out, I don't think these can be forgiven. I' won't forgive him! Now I deserve all these, not from him, the man called Ronald! Rae stared at Ronald with hatred. Five years ago, her father forced her to break up with Cary, and she also remembered the day when she was driven out of her family, every day she had worked hard in these five years! The hatred was so strong in her heart that she could only redeem herself.

"Mom, can I go in to see Grandpa?" Bella held the corner of Rae's clothes and looked up at her.

"You don't have Grandpa, you only have mom, Bella." Rae squatted down and held Bella into her arms.

"But mom, other children all have grandparent, grandparent and dad. Why don't I have them? My gr

andpa is inside, I want to talk to him." Bella seemed to know everything, she looked at Rae seriously.

Bella's words stabbed her heart like a needle! As Rae heard that Bella had suffered too much with her during these years, tears came out of her eyes, and she held Bella tighter.

"Rae, just allow your father to take a look at Bella. I have never hated your father, because I trust him. And I have also confirmed that it was also my fault five years ago, don't let Bella miss the last look at her grandfather. "

"Grandma, don't cry. Mom will take me to see Grandpa. She loves me the best." Bella reached out her small hands and tried to wipe off the tears for her Grandma, but she cried even more sadly.

"This is the last time. Mom, take Bella inside. I will never make peace with him again for the rest of my life, please don't try to persuade me. This is my greatest tolerance!" Rae pushed Bella away and handed her over. At last, she looked at Ronald lying in the bed ruthlessly and walked out.

Looking at Rae who was so determined, her mother burst into tears with Bella in her arms. Perhaps this was the best ending for them.

Nobody knew that Rae had a child except she didn't get along well with her father. In the past five years, she had relied on herself to get the position of the director. It was not that easy to compete in business. It was impossible for her to become the general manager of the Lin Family in five years and become one of the major shareholders, it was simply wishful thinking. Although Rae was a little bit talented, she was secretly helped by her father. Besides, when Ronald knew that she entered the company because of her background, he did not fire her, which could be seen that he had never hated Rae. Every father had his self-esteem and stubbornness, but Rae didn't understand that, she's indeed completely selfish.

Bella was well protected by Rae, and no one knew who was the father of the girl. In order not to be discovered by the outsiders, Bella had never brought by Rae to public, and she even didn't go to the kindergarten to pick her up. Fortunately, Bella was sensible, and she never made things difficult for Rae in the past five years, so she was still able to act like what she had been five years ago. Just like, arrogance and confidence in the eyes of outsiders. She wanted to take back what she had lost in the past. She couldn't allow anything to go wrong.

"Mr. Cary, Rae has become the new director of Lin Family." In Cary's office, the secretary stood beside him and said respectfully.

"When did it happen?" Cary asked while looking at the documents in his hands.

"At 9 o'clock in yesterday morning, I heard that Ronald transferred all his shares to Rae. The board of directors declared it at the meeting. "

"Really? 'Then I still underestimated that woman!' Cary finally raised his head from a pile of folders. "Continued to observe the Lin Family and if anything happened, report to me as soon as possible." "

"Okay, Mr. Cary, then I'll go out first." The secretary turned around and left the conference room after saying that.

The expression in Cary's eyes became unfathomable, he wondered whether Ronald was going to give up his revenge. Cary still remembered the man who humiliated him in the past, and he still remembered his face. 'Was my hatred for him ended in this way?'

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