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   Chapter 20 Unexpected Will

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"George, don't be angry. We can have a good talk. If you are angry with Rae all the time, we can't solve the problem. We are all worried about Ronald since he is lying in the hospital. But now the company has no leader, and it would only cause everyone to be anxious. Even if Ronald is out of the hospital, he should be at ease for his daughter has helped him protected his company. So I am willing to support Rae." Someone started talking, trying to ease the situation.

After hearing this, George was unwilling but had to sit back, he felt so powerless to do it alone.

After watching the performance, Rae began to speak, "Uncle George, please calm down. My father is in hospital now, and I really have no other choice, I can't let such a big company collapse, and I can't let it go. I know how did my father treat you before, and I will definitely treat you twice in the future. Recently, I am really exhausted. I hope you all can give me a chance and trust me." With a distressed look on Rae's face, her tone became tired, "My father had already made a will. I didn't expect to be seated in this hard way before."

"Made a will?" "He has made his will! '' Shareholders started to gossip again.

Hearing that, Sampson unconsciously raised his eyebrows, he realized that Rae was quite scheming. Ronald and she had been at odds for many years in their career, most people had already known the relationship between them well.

"I have spoken so much, and I think you all have already known what you should do, so I won't say anything else. If all of you agree me, I will give you handsome reward in the future," Rae said with confidence. "Now please start voting."

"Wait!" A loud voice came from the door. A man in black suit and glasses, holding a document, walked in.

"Who are you? How did he get in? " Rae looked at her secretary in fluster. The Secretary shook her head, indicating that she had never seen him either.

"Ronald entrusted me to attend the meeting to announce his will today." The lawyer came to Rae's side, looking at her with righteous indignation, and said, "Miss Rae, please stand up, it's still the position of Mr. Ronald, after all. I want to make will on that position!"

"How could I not know about it? Who knows if you are a real lawyer or not. Just call the security guards to drive him out!" Obviously, Rae was anxious. Who would have thought that the meeting had already go on like this but something would go wrong!

In a calm manner, the lawyer presented the certificate in front of Rae, and took out the letter on which Ronald had signed his signature. He said to all the shareholders, "I am indeed the lawyer that Ronald entrusted, and I am afraid that Miss Rae is not qualified to drive me out. Your father has made a will, don't you want to listen to it, Miss Rae? "

The lawyer's eyes met Rae's, as if they were making a fierce fight. Rae had no choice but to get up from her seat and sit down on the chair aside out of hatred.

Now it was the turn of these shareholders to watch a good show. It turned out that Rae was also a paper tiger, since she did not know what the will was, and she even wanted to threaten them here. Mr. George was quite excited when he heard what the lawyer said. As expected, Ronald wouldn't

let Rae become the director so easily.

Standing in the middle, the lawyer opened a folder and took out the will. "Mr. Ronald contacted me half a month ago, on the second day he lived in ICU, and he asked me for the terms of the will. I won't announce any private property on his will here, since I will contact his family when I get the news. Mr. Ronald entrusted me here for the purpose of dealing with the distribution of shares of the Lin Family and some suggestions of the new director. Then, I will announce to you."

Rae closed her eyes and clenched her fists, 'Will I lose everything today? Ronald beats me down before I could attack him.' She had planned and operated for so long, and it was not easy to get this moment, would her efforts be in vain? How ridiculous!

After taking a pause, the lawyer took a look at Rae and went on, "I have decided to transfer all the shares of Lin Family to Rae, and she will become the largest shareholder. I will resign from the position of the director of Lin Family. I believe that Rae will do a good job, and I hope she can be well trusted and not fail"

After announcing the document, Rae's anger turned to astonishment. She could not believe what she had heard, she could not believe that her so-called father, who had been against her for so many years, even let go of everything. Was he pitying her? All of a sudden, Rae burst into laughter, as she always seemed to be so childish and ridiculous in front of Ronald. She tried every means to grab it from him at all costs, but now she was sent everything here by him. Did he want to erase previous hatred between them? But she would never forgive him!

After the announcement of the lawyer, he handed the document in his hand to Rae and said, "Miss Rae, the will is going to come into effect when Mr. Ronald dies. What I declared in the will just now is in the will made by Ronald long before, but he didn't expect that you would hold today's shareholders' meeting, so the part in the will is of no use. Now he has signed a share transfer agreement," the lawyer took out another contract and put it in front of Rae, "if you agree to accept the share transfer, you will be the biggest shareholder of Lin Family now"

All the shareholders had their own thoughts, since the drama turned around so quickly.

Although Sampson had expected that Rae would be appointed as the new director, he still expressed that he would support her all the time even if he felt that Rae was somewhat difficult to win the trust of other shareholders. It seemed that he was wise enough now. There was no deep hatred between father and daughter.

The result was obvious. Some old shareholders who had planned to against her were now swayed and changed their minds! Mr. George sighed with emotion and thought that it was their family matter, and he shouldn't meddle in it. Even if it was a trifle, his life would be tough in the future. Why! He shook his head. After all, he was old, and there were many capable young people in the business world.

After the share transfer, Rae became the director. After the meeting was dismissed, the lawyer chasing her and stopped her.

"Miss Rae, I need to discuss with you about some things in Mr. Ronald's will."

Rae looked at the lawyer gently.

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