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   Chapter 19 The Shareholders' Meeting

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"Are you angry with me yesterday?" Ellie asked cautiously.

"Yesterday? Oh! No, I'm not mad at you. I know you hide something from me because you don't want me to worry. I understand. "

"I'm glad to hear that." Ellie felt relieved that Yvonne didn't keep a distance from her because of her strange behavior.

"Have you contacted your mother recently?" Ellie asked cautiously.

"No, I didn't. She doesn't want to call me or allow me to contact her. Because I'm a homesick daughter, she is afraid of my being homeless and thinking of family. You know that we have not seen each other for several times in these four years in college. I also want to go back home to see her when I have time next month." Yvonne said, looking at Ellie without any vigilance.

"I see." Replied Ellie, who wondered how to make Yvonne's mother know the matter about Cary.

"Mommy, could you please stay with me and not go to work? Can you accompany me? "A five-year-old little girl asked in a lovely voice, her big eyes looking pitifully Rae.

"Bella, mommy just went out for a while and will come back soon. Let Aunt Jane take you home to read and play, okay?" Rae squatted and looked at the girl's eyes, there was tenderness on her face that had never been found before.

"But I don't want to be with you. I want mom to be with Jane." The little girl pouted and looked at Rae with begging eyes, hoping that her mom would agree to stay with her.

"Mrs. Rae, the shareholders' meeting is about to begin..." Rae's secretary urged her.

"Okay, I get it." Rae put on a cold face again while talking to others, then she turned to Bella and said gently, "how about this? I'll take you to the amusement park when I come back, okay?" As she patiently coaxed the little girl, Rae tried to promise her, "let's pull a hook, okay? "

The little girl pouted and reached out her little hand reluctantly to take a pinkie promise with Rae. This was not the first time that her mother had promised her, but she had never fulfilled her promise.

"Good girl! Then you stay at home and wait for me, don't cry and don't make troubles either, and this is my lovely Bella." said Rae. She stood up and touched the little girl's head, turned around and took the bag from her secretary.

"Let's go." The tenderness on her face had turned into indifference, Rae was like a powerful woman wrapped in a mask.

Inside the senior management conference room of the Lin Family, all shareholders had been ready in their seats, but no one came to the center seat for a long time.

"Mr. Ronald is still lying in the ICU and his daughter, Rae, can't wait to select a new director, she must have been anxious." A man who was sitting in a chair said with a scornful look. "I guess that Mr. Ronald doesn't know about the unscheduled shareholders meeting. I think you all know what's going on, don't you?" "

"Mr. George, now that you should stop pretending. Since we all know the truth very well, I think a straightforward person does not resort to insinuations, but Ronald has become the past, and our new director will be Rae instead. Mr. George, you should learn to seize the opportunity in a renewed era." A middle-aged man next to him said these words slowly.

"The fight between father and daughter is quite rare. All of us are just the instruments that they fight for Lin Family, and we'd better protect our own interests from bein

g hurt. As for their family affairs, we are just onlookers." A tall, lean man who seemed to be simple and honest said slowly, sounding powerful. The atmosphere in the meeting room was heated.

"Yes, you are right. Mr. Sampson, you know that we are short-sighted. Although you are a major shareholder, you're much calmer than us. In the future, we will surely follow you for further development." From time to time, some people got close to Sampson.

"I agree with you. Mr. Sampson, profit is the most important thing." Another shareholder followed.

"Well, I was just seizing the opportunity for the interests. I'm getting old, but you are so still so young and have lots of chance in the future. When you reach the age for retirement, you don't want to take any risk and start to live out your life while supporting your family business like me." Sampson shook his head and sneered at himself, but there was a cunning look in his eyes.

"What are you doing here? Am I late? " In high heels, Rae opened the door of the meeting room with a confident smile on her delicate face.

The meeting room was instantly quiet, and everyone looked at Rae. She went straight to the seat, which was set for the director, with a smile on her face.

"Now my father is in hospital, so I will temporarily replace him. I think everyone here must have heard some news before the shareholder's meeting. Next, let me introduce to you the problems and assets that our Lin Family is facing now." Rae acted as if she could easily handle it. In front of these experienced shareholders who had been in business for many years, she was not inferior or scared at all. Taking the document from the Secretary, Rae stared at them with a cunning and cold look in her eyes, as if she was determined to win this battle.

"Rae, you don't have to explain to us, we are all the major shareholders of the company, and we are more concerned about the company's situation than anyone else. We all know about your father's health condition, and it's not a big deal if people get sick or old. Now you are sitting on the position, we are at ease." Sampson began to befriend Rae.

With these words, Rae folded her arms and closed the folder. She looked at these so-called shareholders with a mocking face and found them began to gossip with each other. Although she was eighty percent sure that these old shareholders would select her as the new director, she felt that it was interesting when she heard Sampson's words, who deserved to be a sophisticate in the business field, he would offer to make peace with the company only for the better interests for himself. However, with the influence of Sampson, it would be easier for her to become the new director.

"Mr. Ronald is still in hospital, he treated us quite well when he was here. Why do you become wavering now, and allow such a young girl to lead you? Anyway, I am the first one to disagree for her being the new director!" Mr. George stood up from the chair excitedly and looked at these juniors who were lowering their heads, not daring to look at him. He pointed at them and said, "business is not only about profit, but also about humanity. When I was about to go bankrupt and was about to be homeless, it was Mr. Ronald who gave me this position. Now, all I have to do is to protect the company for Ronald no matter what happened now, I just want to hear the will of Ronald."

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