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   Chapter 17 Two Idiots

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"What if I don't agree?" Ellie was not still reconciled.

"Do you think you have other options?" Aaron stared at Ellie as if he was watching his prey, and he knew that she couldn't give him a negative answer.

It took Yvonne half an hour to find this dish. With the takeout packed in hand, she ran towards the convenience store outside the school in high spirits. 'Ellie must be working while still haven't eaten anything, ' she thought.

"What? Isn't Ellie here? She told me that you would be very busy today for promoting products. " Yvonne looked at the convenience store and asked the salesclerk doubtfully.

"When did our shop promote our products? Maybe you've gotten the wrong information." The salesclerk felt that the girl in front of her was talking nonsense.

"No," Yvonne murmured, "but did I hear it wrong?" Scratching her head, she turned around and asked, "do you know where Ellie has gone?"

"I don't know." the salesclerk was obviously impatient. She glanced at Yvonne and continued dealing with the goods.

"Oh, thank you." After coming out, Yvonne looked around at the convenience store with five-spice pork in her hand. She wondered where on earth did Ellie go and did she go to deal with something urgent? Of course, Yvonne didn't expect that Ellie was lying to her deliberately. From the first day she met Ellie, Yvonne knew what kind of person she was. In the past four years, she hadn't lied to her.

"Okay, I promise you." looking at the sinister expression on Aaron's face, Ellie thought, 'just this once, just once. I'm just using this chance to help Yvonne leave Cary who she doesn't like. I don't betray her.'

"After this, give me back the photos." Said Ellie in a somewhat pleading tone.

"Okay, I will not let you suffer losses at that time." Aaron looked at Ellie with a smug face. Sure enough, this timid girl would agree to him, and from now on, he would have one more person to take advantage of.

Yvonne had been waiting at the convenience store for a long time. She had called Ellie more than ten times, but no one answered the phone. Yvonne was as anxious as ants on a hot pan. She was worried about whether anything bad had happened to Ellie.

"Yvonne, why are you here?" With a heavy burden, Ellie walked slowly to the convenience store and saw Yvonne sitting at the door.

"Where did you go? I have called you for several times, but you didn't answer my phone. I'm so worried about you. "When Yvonne saw Ellie come to her safely, she ran to her and held her hand excitedly.

"I muted my phone, so I didn't hear it. I just went to work in another place," said Ellie, she was afraid and asked, "Yvonne, why do you come here?" Ellie tried to change the topic of conversation, since she didn't want Yvonne to dig further.

"I bought you five-spice pork. I was afraid that you might have a stomachache if you didn't eat well, but you must have eaten something. "Gazing at the food in her hand gotten cold, Yvonne was disappointed.

Ellie didn't expect that Yvonne still worry about her stomach at this time. Feeling really sorry for her, she didn't want to face her any more. "I'm going to work, When Ellie was about to enter the convenience store, Yvonne stopped her and said, "Ellie, tell me what's on your mind. You have always listened to my complain, I don't want myself to be of no use to you." When she saw that Ellie had something on his mind and didn't want to tell her, Yvonne felt sad.

Ellie looked at the concerned look on Yvonne's face, she was too stunned to say a word, as if something had stuck her throat. She nodded to Yvonne and turned into the convenience store.

Looking at Ellie's lonely figure, Yvonne wondered whether she had neglected her too much recently. Letting out a long sigh and looking at the food in her hand, Yvonne turned and left.

"Is it done?" In the company of Lin Family, which was located in the most prosperous area in CBD, Rae stood in front of the window in the office, with a disdainful smile on her face.

"Aaron, you deserve my trust! You're the only one who can handle this, as long as you help me to achieve my goal, you'll be a senior executive in the Lin Family. You're still young and you're sure to have a promising future. "After putting down the phone in her hand, Rae sat at the desk. The arrogance on her face was still very obvious, and she thought to herself, 'Cary, you will come back to me one day, and I will prove to you in my own way that I have become stronger!'

"Haven't Ronald signed the share transfer contract yet?" Rae called her secretary to her office and asked her in a serious tone.

"Not yet. Mr. Ronald..." hearing the word "Mr.", Rae's eyes suddenly became fierce, and the secretary realized that she had said something wrong, so she immediately changed the way she spoke, "Ronald has been in ICU for half a month, during which only his lawyer and your mother have been there twice. It seems that he has written a will to the lawyer to keep. We have communicate the issue of signing the share transfer contract to his assistant, but it seemed that he didn't want to do that. "

"Such an old fossil!" Rae angrily clenched her fists, her beautiful face was somewhat distorted because of anger. "It's no need to pay attention to him, since now he is already controlled by me. How is the preparation for tomorrow's shareholders' meeting?" Rae asked. Her eyebrows became smooth and her back was against the seat.

"It's 9 o'clock in

the senior meeting room tomorrow morning. Everything is ready."

Very good! The Lin Family would belong to her soon!

Yvonne had been studying in the library for the whole afternoon and almost forgot the appointment made by Cary in the morning. When it was getting dark, she left the library in a hurry.

"I'm sorry. I've forgotten the time." Yvonne said to the driver as she got into the car.

"So you know you are late? Do you know I've been waiting for you here for an hour? " The slightly sullen voice came from the back seat of the car. When Yvonne just closed the door, she realized that there was Cary standing next to her. 'Did he came to the school to pick me up?' Why did she feel like his daughter again?!

Yvonne unconsciously leaned her body to the side of Cary's, bowing her head and playing with her fingers. "I won't do it again."

The car started. They didn't talk to each other all the way, it seemed that the relationship between them had been restored to embarrassment after one day's separation. Yvonne kept looking out of the window and enjoying the night view along the way, she opened the window and the night wind gently blew on her face, even her heart was in a good mood as the soft wind. Cary kept looking at her, and the smile on Yvonne's face gradually broke his firmness.

In a daze, Yvonne, who had just gotten off the car, stared at the hotel that she was familiar with. She hadn't thought that she would come to the place where she and Cary had meet for dinner again, since it was the hotel where they had sex for the first time. It was hard to tell whether it was sadness or disappointment on Yvonne's face.

On the other hand, Cary had already walked towards the hotel. Confused, he turned back and asked Yvonne who was still standing there in a daze, "what's wrong? Don't you want to have dinner with me now? I picked you up by myself after work but you have been late for an hour, now why did you still get angry with me? "

Being known for his indifference and coldness, Cary was always with a poker face, of course, it was impossible for him to say so many sweet words. Although his tone still showed a sense of impatience, it was already inconceivable to outsiders that he would talk to her in this way.

"Are you reminding me not to forget who I am?" Glaring at Cary with her red eyes, Yvonne said, "have you forgotten how we met for the first time? Is it an insult to bring me here again? Or is it the sign that you want me to leave you? " How could Yvonne not care? Even if their relationship was bad and had been misunderstood by others, she had never really cared about them. But today, it was so humiliating apparently by Cary to insult their relationship. Yvonne's heart ached, even though she was unwilling to admit that she had already been moved by him.

Cary was confused, he had never seen Yvonne smiling so happily when Jack took her to the amusement park, and Jack's words kept in his mind for a long time. He wanted to make Yvonne happier, so he had specifically cancelled a lot of work and come to the hotel to prepare the date for her. Cary had never prepared a date for anyone like this, and he thought he had done well enough, so he was confused why Yvonne was so angry.

"I didn't mean to humiliate you, but just want you to be happy," Cary frowned, but still stated indifferently, "isn't it meaningful for us to come to the place where we have the first date?"

Noticing that Cary was looking at her impatiently, Yvonne laughed at herself and thought, 'yes, I'm just a pet that will be cosseted when he is happy. No one else has self-esteem in his heart!' In this case, there was no need for her to stay beside him. Yvonne thought she had received the signal from Cary that it was time for her to leave.

"Thank you for your kindness, but I don't feel well today, and I want to go home." After saying that, Yvonne turned around and got into the car, she didn't want to Cary to see her being hurt because of her own sentimentality.

Did he do something wrong? Cary had never been treated like this, so he was naturally ignited with anger. The date he had planned well was ruined in this way.

"Send Yvonne back home. I'm going to the company!" Cary shouted at the driver, clenching his tie angrily, then he got on another car and drove away. It turned out that the woman cared so much about her virginity which was given to him! 'Does she hate me so much?

The confused driver closed the door and prepared to drive away. Yvonne lowered her head and asked cautiously, she heard the driver's words, "Miss Yvonne, are we going home?"

Home? She didn't have any home, where there should be a father, mother, or a husband and wife. What about her? That was only Cary's home, but her home was in the far south, where there was only her mother. Looking at this city that didn't belong to her, Yvonne suddenly felt a little homesick.

Without any response, the driver started the car and drove to the familiar yet strange place for Yvonne. Would she soon be relieved?

Cary drove at full speed in the empty street, as if he could get rid of the anger caused by Yvonne.

'she is such a reckless woman! How could she be so cruel to me?' He thought. 'Why did he bother to do these strange things that he would never do!'

Without any mood to work or doing anything else, Cary drove to Jack's clinic. This Playboy must know what's wrong with him, he seemed to have been seriously ill and he needed a vent!

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