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   Chapter 16 Go To School

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How could Yvonne not know Ellie's original intention? Ellie was thought for her. On the contrary, Yvonne could not bear to be criticized by her, like a child who easily put pressure on others with her own displeasure.

"Oh, don't you have class? What are you doing in front of the classroom?" Aaron put his hands in his pockets and said maliciously. "Do you want me to be your audiences and applaud for you?"

Looking at Aaron who was now completely like a rogue and a refined scumbag, Yvonne couldn't understand why she would agree to be with him before. Every time she saw him, Yvonne felt that she was so blind before.

Wiping the tears from the corner of her eyes, Yvonne glared at Aaron and said, "you don't deserve to be our audience!" Then she grabbed Ellie's hand and walked into the classroom. "Ellie, let's go."

"Let's wait and see. I just want to remind someone to be cautious in future." Aaron laughed at them as they left, and Ellie knew he was warning her by those words.

Ellie had been pulled away by Yvonne, hearing Aaron's words, she felt that her body seemed to be numb, and the fear that was spreading through her.

"He is a despicable man. Don't pay attention to him, and we'd better stay away from him in the future, since he must have some evil plan in mind." Yvonne said to Ellie in disgust.

Ellie nodded to Yvonne, but it was too late, she had no choice now.

Suddenly, Ellie's phone buzzed in her pocket, she was listening attentively in the class before, now she picked up her phone and inadvertently had a look at it. It was Aaron. Ellie saw a naked photo of herself and a text message about a threat from Aaron. Ellie's eyes changed from shock to fear. Subconsciously, she covered the phone screen, and in panic, she looked at Yvonne next to her, who was taking notes attentively and didn't notice what she was doing. Once again, Ellie lowered her head stealthily to check the messages sent by Aaron.

The content of the message said, "if you don't want these photos to be posted on the school forum, you must look for me in the internet bar after class. Don't tell anyone about it, especially Yvonne, or you know the consequence!"

Ellie put away her cell phone in a hurry, she seemed to feel that someone was staring at her from behind, trying to take off all her clothes. She didn't dare to look back, fearing that she couldn't help crying when she met the eyes of Aaron. Was it wrong to be an ordinary people? Ellie couldn't imagine what would happen in the future, but she only knew that the darkness had taken over her life and she had no courage to escape.

"Ellie, I haven't had lunch with you in the canteen for a long time. What shall we have for lunch? "How about five-spice pork?" After class, Yvonne said to Ellie while packing up her books, "we don't have class this afternoon, how about going for a walk after dinner."

"Well, Yvonne, I'm going to work later. Maybe I can't have dinner with you today." said Ellie worriedly, clutching her schoolbag.

"The convenience store? It's Saturday! Why are you so busy today? Don't you have time for even a meal? " Disappointed, Yvonne said to Ellie.

"Yes, we are promoting a products today. I would eat fast food then, don't worry about me. There is no class this afternoon, so you can go to the library to make up for the last few days' classes. If I can finish my work earlier, I'll come to you." Ellie said hurriedly and walked towards the door of the classroom with her backpack. "I'm late, see you, Yvonne."

"Ah!" Ellie walked away in a hurry. In fact, Yvonne wanted to say that fast food was bad for her health, so she could go to the canteen to get her some food.

Yvonne shook her head helplessly, Ellie was always so muddled. Well, she would get five-spice pork from the canteen and send it to her later. 'Ellie will be happy if I do this.' Thinking that she was a good friend, Yvonne couldn't help but smile. However, Yvonne didn't notice the abnormality of Ellie. If she found it, she would ask her and rescue her from the abyss step by step. But there was no a second chance in this world.

When Ellie ran out of the classroom, tears were almost running down her face. She didn't want to be discovered by Yvonne! Ellie had only one thought in her mind: she would only go to see Aaron for only once, and proposed to him to get her photos back, and then she would cut off from him. With a determined look in her eyes, Ellie walked towards the bar. But she didn't know that she was like a virgin, and the opponent was eagle.

The internet bar was a place where all kinds of people mixed up, students often joked that it was filled with all kinds of entertainment. In this bustling city, there was such a place next to a serious school building. Ellie had never come here, since she was the righteous people who looked down upon the guys who were here. While walking along the street on which the internet bar was, Ellie always thought, 'you are students, but you stand high above

the masses and waste your family's money, waiting for nothing in the future.' Ellie was a good girl. Apart from looking down upon them, she was also afraid, both physically and mentally. Perhaps, the thing that she regretted the most now was to come to this university, and perhaps what she regretted most was to make acknowledgment with Yvonne. But now she had to face it.

When she reached the door of the internet bar, Ellie took a deep breath and walked inside, pretending to be experienced. No matter it was a storm or a tornado, she had to face it. Perhaps tomorrow, or from today on, everything would be better and everything would return to what it was before!

'How can I easily get what I want? Everyone in this world is always living in scars, how can I become an exception? This is the reason why a wish is so hard to be achieved, I just hope what I want come true in the future.'

All of a sudden, Ellie felt much more afraid, since it was dark inside, and the whole place was reeking of smoke. Just as Ellie was about to leave, Aaron's voice came from behind.

"Since you've come here, why do you still want to leave?" Aaron slowly stood up from the corner of the Internet bar, blowing smoke and looking fiercely at Ellie.

Ellie was stopped by a few punks. She had no choice but to return, gritting her teeth and staring at Aaron. "I'm here to have a showdown with you. I've made up my mind that no matter what you want me to do, I won't agree. If the worst comes, I'll call the police, they won't leave me alone..." Ellie blurted out these words and her face became hot and red with fear.

Apparently, Aaron was prepared. Hearing what Ellie said, he snorted contemptuously, "police? Not to mention whether you have the guts or not, even if you show the police what I have done, I will have someone to help me punish you. In the end, you will only lose everything! " Aaron slowly walked to Ellie's side and snapped at her, "do you think that I came to you because I wanted to take revenge on Yvonne for breaking up with me? Humph! I don't have the ability yet. To tell you the truth, it's because of Yvonne's new boyfriend, Cary. Yvonne has stolen other woman's boyfriend and she couldn't let her go, of course. That's why she found me, she knows that we are the same kind of person and you are just a victim. "

"It was Cary who approached Yvonne first. Why could that woman say Yvonne has taken her boyfriend instead? It seems that she is not a good person, so that she came up with such an evil idea to force me to join you."

Aaron took the last puff of his cigarette and threw it on the ground. He spat it out at Ellie who was staring at him, and then slapped her hard.

"It was Yvonne who asked Cary to break my legs first. I couldn't win against him, so I had to find another way!" Aaron's roar reached the entire room, and then he tried to calm himself down and said, "haven't you heard of the Lin Family? The woman who came to see me is the daughter of the Lin Family, she made her fortune through the government officials several years ago. Now, half of the Lin Family's shares are controlled by the government of our city. Do you think that you and Yvonne can defeat her? Does the intimate relationship between you two deserve your innocence and bright future? Be wise! "

Aaron was really a schizophrenic man. Since she had been slapped, Ellie was no longer aggressive as she used to be. Instead, she looked cowardly. What should she do? How could she get rid of these terrible people and things? Why should she be taken the sacrifice? Just like a tool without affection?' Ellie's tears fell down along her nose.

Yvonne was in the dining hall buying food for Ellie. She hadn't come for a long time, and almost forgot where to buy five-spic pork, which was Ellie's favorite dish. The dining hall was crowded with people. It was rare to see so many people eat in a canteen of a university, but Yvonne was not surprised at it at all. They didn't like to eat in the canteen in the past, because the worn out food was so expensive. After a few years, the school had developed a lot, gradually, the canteen was also cleaned up, and there was no smell of smoke and food in it become various. With the raising of the quality of the food, the price of the food was also lowered. At this moment, Yvonne and Ellie began to eat in the canteen, and they like the five-spice pork in the canteen best. Yvonne hadn't eaten meat for many days, so now she was already as greedy as a cat.

"What do you want me to do?" Ellie's face was covered by Aaron's palm print, and there were red marks on it.

"It's very simple. The first step is to let Yvonne's mom know that she is living in Cary's house." Aaron planned to let Yvonne leave Cary first. "I've heard from Yvonne before that her mom was a single mother, and she was growing up with her mother. As long as her mom knows that she is a slut who has been kept by someone else, she will definitely force Yvonne to separate with Cary"

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