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   Chapter 15 A Big Meal

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It seemed that she had forgotten Thomson would tell him the truth! Speechless, Yvonne quickly turned around to catch up with Cary, it was more important to satisfy him.

"What, what are you doing? Don't come over." It was late at night, Ellie, who had just returned after working in the store, was blocked in the dark alley by several gangsters.

"What are we doing? I've been waiting Yvonne for a few days but can't find her in the school. How could she hire someone to break my legs and then leave as nothing happened? " Aaron glared at Ellie maliciously, as if he had lost his mind. "Aren't you her best friend? I'll let her know how it feels to be betrayed by her best friend. "

Aaron gestured to the hooligans behind him, and they all threw themselves at Ellie, who was now forced to the corner, they cruelly took off all her clothes, for fear that she would shout, they also gag her mouth with a cloth. What's more, Aaron wickedly took pictures of Ellie. In despair, Ellie was too weak to resist. Even her mouth was blocked, she could not shout. She had no way to vent her strength, but only to shed tears from her eyes! Being humiliated by these guys, Ellie even wanted to die. And Aaron just looked like a devil in the hell in the dark night, from today on, she had been tortured by this devil for a long time, unable to break free like a ghost.

"If you don't want these pictures to spread, you'd better listen to me. Otherwise, you will not only escape from being taken off clothes the next time. You are such a good girl, so I believe you won't call the police secretly, will you?" Aaron squatted down and patted Ellie on her face, saying mercilessly, "you'd better behave yourself. I will let my brother treat you better."

Aaron put away the machine, and looked down at the trembling girl in the corner with a mocking smile. Then he waved at the hooligans, saying, "let's go."

After these people left, Ellie undid the cloth covering her mouth from the back of her head. Frightened, she trembled with fear, tears flowing down from her face. She picked up her own clothes scattered on the ground and held them in her arms while sobbing. Ellie's fate had changed from this night. After that, she had been dominated by the fear. Many years later, Ellie had said that it was the coward girl who had ruined her life!

"Ellie, Run! Ellie..." Yvonne murmured in her dream, she was having a nightmare now. When Yvonne opened her eyes again, she finally woke up from her dream, and her forehead was covered with beads of sweat. She wondered why she would have such a strange dream. It seemed that she hadn't seen Ellie for so many days and she missed her friend a little bit. She thought that she must go back to school tomorrow. Then she turned over and looked at Cary who was sleeping beside her, with his big and thick palm on her shoulder, Yvonne wondered why Cary liked her belly very much. Yvonne looked at the man who was holding her in his arms, carefully examining the facial expressions on Cary's face. Instead of being cold and arrogant as usual, the man in sleep pouted like a child. She might not be caught if kissed him secretly.

'I am just allured by his look and had no other thoughts.' Yvonne closed her eyes to brainwash herself, and thinking of this, she moved closer to him and left a gentle kiss on his pout. She hadn't felt his lips so soft before. With satisfaction, she watched Cary and fell asleep gradually with a smile.

Jack got drunk again at a lonely night, he was totally different from the person who had a cheeky grin in the daytime. He sat slumped in the empty room, with empty bottles scattered all around. His gaunt appearance looked like a person who had lost his heart, love and hate torn him apart, and he was in pain. His mobile phone on the table was constantly vibrating, but he didn't want to pay attention to it. This day seemed special to him, since it meant that he could release himself in this day, taking off his false mask and exposing his yearning and fear.

But Jack didn't know that when he had changed into another person, time and old scars began to spread along the strange number shown on the phone. Sure enough, everyone hold unspeakable love and past, which could not be forgotten even without being touched, people just buried them in the bottom of their heart deliberately to avoid being hurt.

The darkness covered love, lies, sin, pain and shame with a thick layer of armor, letting them run away, flee and thrive in this city. People would make themselves release their true emotions in night. That was just what life was like. The God would suddenly smash the sufferings or happiness in front of you, letting you understand some strange great principles, no matter if you were ready or not to accept them.

Time arrived as usual, and live continu


"I want to go to school!" Yvonne shouted at Cary who was getting dressed, "you can't be so rude to me. I'm still a student. Why do you always keep me at home?"

Wearing a tie, Cary looked at Yvonne, who was sitting on the bed and chattering to him like a madman. Without saying anything, when she finally stopped talking, Cary said calmly, "did I say that I wouldn't let you go to school? Don't make me look like your father. You are an adult after all. "

It sounded like he was trying to teach a child.

"So do you agree?" Yvonne's eyes shined in surprise, she heard the words that Cary had said in a serious manner, and felt so happy that she almost went crazy. She could finally get free!

"You are so nice to me, Cary." It seemed that Yvonne had forgotten that it's her right to go to school, but it's the right given by Cary.

"Don't make trouble, I'm more concerned about this. If you don't cause trouble tonight, I'll reward you." With a spoiled smile, Cary approached Yvonne and said, "let's have dinner together tonight."

Yvonne felt like she was spoiled by Cary just like a daughter. If Cary was not old enough, Yvonne might have mistaken their relationship!

"Then, if I have to go to the dinner with you, shall I wear some comfortable clothes?" As if this reward was a kind of torture to Yvonne.

"You can wear whatever you like." Cary stood up, put on his coat and said to Yvonne, "I'll ask Thomson to send you to school, see you later." Then he turned around and left the door.

Finally, Cary had left. Yvonne lay on the bed, stretched out and looked around the room she had been staying for a long time. It seemed that she had got used to here, then she shook her head and abandoned all her illusions. Anyway, it was a good thing that she had a chance to go to school.

"Ellie! !" The moment Yvonne entered the school, she saw Ellie holding a book in her hands, ready to go to the class. "Wait for me!" Yvonne shouted at her.

However, Ellie didn't seem to hear that. Instead, she walked faster and faster. Yvonne quickly caught up with her and ran to her side, she gasped and said, "Ellie, didn't you hear me?"

"What? Nothing. "

Yvonne put her arm around Ellie's shoulder and said, "I thought you've forgotten me as I was absent for only a few days."

"How come? Has your foot been recovered?" Ellie hurried to change the topic.

"Alright, I'm full of energy now." Yvonne did jump in front of Ellie.

"Don't jump. What if you get injured again?" Said Ellie, and she helped Yvonne stop.

"No, I won't. I know that you love me the most." Yvonne pounce on Ellie innocently.

"By the way, is everything okay in the school these days?"

"Well, well, everything is good. I'm good, and everyone is good to me." Said Ellie nervously for fear that Yvonne would find something wrong.

"Ellie, I haven't seen you for a few days, but why do you become so silly? I am asking you about the lesson. I didn't drop a lot of my homework, right? It's the last semester after all. Did our teacher say when we're going to prepare for the paper? " Yvonne didn't know what Ellie was thinking about. During the past four years in the university, she knew that Ellie was a good girl, but how could she say something so unreasonable?

"Oh, I see. I remember that we don't have much courses left, and you are so smart, so I believe you will finish it soon. As for the paper, it's not set by the teacher yet." Ellie kept her nerves frayed.

"I'm glad to hear that," Yvonne responded to Ellie, as if something had occurred to her mind. "Is the scholarship coming soon? I've asked for so many days' leave. Do you know that I've been deprived of the scholarship because of the relationship between me and teacher? "

"Now that you are with Cary, why do you still worry about the scholarship?" Ellie didn't realize that she had said something wrong until she finished her words. Turning to look at Yvonne, who looked morose, she hastily explained, "no, that's not what I meant. I am sure that Cary won't make things difficult for you and won't let you worried about getting a scholarship. I..."

"I know what you mean, Ellie, now everyone thinks that I am kept as a mistress by Cary. He has control my life completely." With a self-mocking smile, Yvonne said to Ellie, "but I'm just an accessory for him. I also want to stand in front of my mother with the scholarships and say how excellent her daughter is, not that I'm bringing her with Cary one day, telling her I've been relying on this man for the rest of my life. Ellie, do you understand? " Tears welled up in Yvonne's eyes, and her voice trembled with excitement.

"I see. I won't say that again. I'm sorry." Ellie stepped forward and hugged Yvonne, trying to comfort her and make her forgive what she had said unintentionally.

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