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   Chapter 14 I Want To Have Fun Outside

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Sitting in Jack's car and fastening the seat belt, Yvonne said bluntly, "where do you want to take me for fun?"

Jack looked at her and suddenly felt like he had just been trapped by Yvonne. He asked, "what do you mean by this? Isn't it you who want to come out for fun?"

"Yeah, but I don't know where to go." Yvonne looked up at Jack and then at the front with an innocent look on her face. "Shall we go? Start the car! "

Gritting his teeth, Jack regretted that he had gotten in trouble with this girl. He started the engine, and realized that his happy holiday was ruined!

"Take me to the amusement park? Do you think I'm a three-year-old child?" Standing in a crowd, they're surrounded by numberless children. The look on Yvonne's face was no different from that of a three-year-old child!

"Don't you want to come here? Then I'll drive you back and tell Thomson that your ankle is miraculously fine." Saying that, Jack pretended to leave, but he was stopped by the Yvonne.

"No way! Let's go to play! " Yvonne was pushing Jack towards the amusement park.

Ouch! I didn't say I wanted to! Petrified, Jack was taken by Yvonne to the roller coaster, he closed his eyes helplessly as if he was going to die.

"Cary! I hate you! !" They spoke at the same time.

Cary was still in a meeting and sneezed several times, and he didn't know who was speaking ill of him!

In the amusement park, both of them were almost dying from the projects, while Jack was still vomiting with a bag in his hand.

"We have just played a few projects, but you are already out of energy. You didn't vomit even by sitting on the roller coaster, but you threw up after taking the pirate ship." Yvonne laughed recklessly when she looked at Jack, it seemed that she hadn't been so happy for a long time.

Jack looked at the girl who was laughing at him and thought, 'I would have killed her if it wasn't for Cary, and I shouldn't have brought her here!'!

'No, I can't stay with her. I have to leave now. My date is coming. I don't want to waste my good time with this girl, it's so terrible.'

"Yvonne, could you buy me a bottle of water? I need to go to the toilet and I'll be back soon. Wait for me here and don't run away." said Jack as he ran towards the toilet. Yvonne was left alone there.

"Alas!" Jack ran away before Yvonne could react. "Why did he run in a hurry?"

Hopelessly, Yvonne shook her head and went to the drink shop obediently.

"Hello? Cary, what took you so long to answer the phone! How many times have I called you?" Jack, who had finally escaped from the amusement park, said on the phone while walking towards the parking lot," I took your girlfriend here for her to have fun. Come and pick her up. "

"What? Who allows you to take her out without my permission? "On the other end of the phone, Cary said angrily." I have warned you not to get close to her! "

"Then you have to know that you only care about your work, as a boyfriend, how could you leave your girlfriend alone? If I were your girlfriend, I would have run away from home for hundreds of times without letting you know. You should reflect on yourself. "Jack opened the door and got into the car, he switched the phone to Bluetooth and continued," I'm going to have a date. If you don't want your girlfriend to cry alone in the amusement park, come as soon as possible. "

"Jack, you!"

"I was just trying to help you. You should cherish the opportunity!"

"Who needs you to create an opportunity for me! I..."

Jack hung up before Cary could finish speaking, and he whistled as ran away.

The phone was hung up by Jack, Cary looked at the phone angrily, stopped his work and left the office. 'She would only make trouble for me!'

After buying some water for Jack, Yvonne found that there were fewer and fewer people, and the sun gradually went down, but Jack still didn't come back.

"Is he in the toilet?" Then Yvonne came to the door of the men's toilet and kept swaying in front of it.

"Jack!" A few men came out from the door, when they passed by Yvonne, they looked at this sneaky girl with confusion. Yvonne smiled at them bashfully.

'Jack has run away!'

She didn't have a penny. If he really left her here, how could she go back home? 'Jack was not friendly at all!'

There were fewer and fewer people around, but Yvonne still hoped Jack wouldn't leave her behind!

The amusement park was getting more and more quiet. In the sunset, nobody was playing here. Yvonne remembered that when she was a child, she often played in the old and shabby amusement park in her hometown. At that time, she had her father and mother who loved her. Every day after school when she finished her homework, her father would rew

ard her to take her out for an hour to play with sand, but the good time always turned out to be short, just like now. She hated to be left behind.

"Jack told me that if I didn't pick you up, you would be crying alone here. It seems that it's not a groundless lie." Cary rushed to the amusement park and looked at the girl who was surrounded by warm light in the sunset, with unknown sadness on her face.

Yvonne didn't expect that Cary would appear here. Seeing he was walking against the light towards her, she felt he was just like a hero. Would he protect her in the future?

Their shadows were longer and longer in the sunlight, as if they had disappeared at the end of the world. Fate was strange and unpredictable.

"Can you go to the ferris wheel with me?" Gazing at Cary who was still as cold as ice, Yvonne hoped he could agree.

"Just for once." With the blade-like lips, Cary could easily spit out Yvonne's wish. Looking at the girl who had undisguised expectations in her eyes, he could not bear to say no.

Yvonne stretched out her beautiful eyes in front of Cary, this was the extra reward that she had given him.

The ferris wheel slowly turned, and the two people slowly rose in the small square that only belonged to them, as if they were going to remove the stars from the sky. The whole city's lights were all seen, and Cary had never sat on the ferris wheel before, because he had never had the word "happiness" in his heart for so many years, but now it seemed to appear in his life, and good things were happening.

"I heard that making a wish when the ferris wheel reaches the highest point, then it will realize." Yvonne looked at the light which was getting farther and farther away from them and said to Cary with a smile, "you won't believe these words, will you?"

With his hands in the pockets, Cary looked around. Finally, tenderness appeared on his cold face. Of course he didn't believe such words, but Yvonne's bright eyes seemed to have a great magic, making him want to do some childish things for her.

"Just make a wish, maybe your wish will come true one day. As adults, we make up these fairy tales to make children happy and full of hopes. After all, they have the innocence that we have already lost. Now that we know this, why not believe the hope and wish?"

Yvonne didn't expect that Cary would say such words with certain wisdom, changing his usual cold image and being a considerate person. Or did all of businessmen were indeed philosophers?

"Have you ever been a teacher?" Yvonne asked curiously, "Why didn't I find that you could lecture me before?"

Cary glared at Yvonne, he had given her a chance to make a wish out of kindness, but she still dared to laugh at him! "The highest point is almost over. If you don't make a wish, it will be too late." Cary coughed and looked out.

Reminded by Cary, Yvonne immediately folded her hands and closed her eyes, she lowered her head and silently made a wish in mind. After making the wish, she was shocked. Why did this terrible idea come out of her mind!

"What the hell! !" As she thought that she had made a wrong wish, Yvonne desperately watched that they were going through the top point. She angrily leaned her head against the glass, "oh my god, you're a fool."

With his arms folded across the chest, Cary sat upright in a chair and observed a series of Yvonne's actions. He felt curious about what was in the woman's mind, she often did such strange things. Well, maybe it's not wise to link this woman to the one who could brought him happiness! 'just now, I even felt that I could get along well with this woman. It must be my illusion.'

Happiness was really temporary. No matter how slow the ride was, as long as you enjoyed the wonderful scenery with yourself, you would still come back to the place where you started, like a circle, just repeating!

"It's too late. Let's go home." after getting off the ferris wheel, Cary looked at Yvonne who was still reluctant to leave and said, "I haven't gotten even with you for your secret escaping today!"

Yvonne stuck out her tongue naughtily at Cary, since she found that it seemed he had become much easier to get along with, so she also got bolder and bolder. "It was Jack who took me out. In fact, I didn't want to go out very much, but I had no choice, since he insisted on taking me out, and I would naturally felt sorry to refuse him." Yvonne told these lies without any blush!

Cary certainly knew what was going on indeed, but he didn't want to argue with Yvonne. "Didn't he say that he would help you take CT for your ankle?" After saying that, Cary walked straight to the extended Bentley parking by the roadside, leaving Yvonne stunned alone there.

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