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   Chapter 13 Be Gentle, I'm Afraid Of Pain

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As expected, Cary was annoyed, and he said, "have you slept in the toilet? I was so worried. Did you sleep there? Yvonne, how could you! "

Cary didn't expect that he cared about this woman so much. He had always been worried whether Yvonne would leave him. However, when he had heard that she had only slept for a while, his uneasiness disappeared. In fact, Cary felt lucky that she wasn't going to leave him.

"Mr. Cary, when I went to look for Miss Yvonne, I found that she seemed to have been deliberately shut in the toilet, and she was blocked by a mop and a rope in the partition there. There are also a barrier in front of the door. Should I check out who did it?"

Hearing what the guard said, Cary thought that the stupid woman was totally unaware of being locked up by others. She was so stupid that she won't even notice it. "No need to investigate, since I know who did it. Let's go home first." he said.

Cary then turned around, holding Yvonne in his arms and heading out of the hall.

After taking Yvonne back home, Cary got out of the car and walked towards his room, dragging Yvonne angrily. He threw her into his bed and turned around to lock the door. He looked at her red wrist that was pinched by himself, at this moment, Yvonne was frightened as Cary forced the lock to her in the room, and she fell on the bed.

"What are you doing?" Yvonne asked with a bad feeling.

"Take off your clothes." Cary put his hands in the pockets and looked down at Yvonne. On his face, no one could tell what he was thinking.

Yvonne covered her chest with her hands, fearing that she would be treated harshly by Cary.

"Don't you feel comfortable when wearing your clothes? Now I agree to make you feel better. Take off your clothes! " As he spoke, Cary stepped forward and pressed Yvonne on the bed and unable to move.

"I won't take off my clothes." Glaring at Cary, Yvonne was unwilling to show weakness.

"I'll help you if you don't want to take off your clothes by yourself!" Cary tore the suit on Yvonne and started to look for the zip.

Yvonne got more and more nervous when Cary touched her body with his large and thick palm, but his hand was actually warmer than she thought.

Without seeing the zipper, Cary put his hand on Yvonne's smooth back and slowly slid down, trying to take off her dress.

"Cary, you are shameless!" Yvonne was unable to move but let him touch her body. Her face slowly turned red.

"Am I shameless? I've never slept with you since you promised to be my mistress. And now you say I'm shameless? Do you know how much I have suffered these days for not touching you? " A husky voice rang in Yvonne's ears.

It turned out that she was still his mistress, a woman who was still like his trading goods. She was so stupid that she was almost moved by his concern, it seemed that she had thought too much. Yvonne turned her head aside feebly with tears in her eyes. She closed her eyes desperately.

Cary took off Yvonne's clothes and looked at the tears in her eyes, then he bent down to kiss her tears and said in a dry and deep voice, "promise me, okay?"

Yvonne's last sanity was gradually overwhelmed, and only a few words came out of her mouth, "be gentle, please, I'm afraid of pain."

Cary's became gentle as if he was allowed and encouraged by Yvonne.

The next day when Yvonne woke up, Cary was already gone. She lazily sat up from the bed and thought about what happened last night, only the word "mistress" hovered in her mind. Looking at this magnificent cage, she felt that it was just the same as the time when she just came in. It was as if she was saying goodbye to the simple girl she used to be, since she had stepped into another world.

No matter how much she had suffered, life was still on, and she had to let herself go. Shaking off the unpleasant thoughts in her mind, Yvonne got out of bed and picked a nice dress from the wardrobe filled with clothes. At least she should be nicer to herself.

"Thomson, I want to go out." Yvonne said to the Thomson as soon as she got downstairs. She walked out of the gate, ignoring Thomson's reaction. "You don't have to send a car for me. I'll go out by myself."

Thomson was about to say something, but was later stopped Yvonne Before she could say goodbye, Yvonne was stopped back by the guards at the door.

"Sorry, Miss Yvonne, Mr. Cary asked us not to let you go. If you leave, we'll be scolded." Thomson said to Yvonne, "pleas

e forgive us."

"I broke my ankle again yesterday, and it seems that my old disease relapses. Can you send for Dr. Jack?" Yvonne limped back to the living room and sat on the sofa, pretending to be serious, "Thomson, it really hurts. I need a doctor."

"Well..." Thomson hesitated for a while, but when he saw that Yvonne's injury was serious, he finally nodded. "Okay, I'll call Dr. Jack for you and see if he has time to come over now."

In fact, Yvonne wanted to call Jack and ask him to take her out. Yvonne leaned on the sofa happily and admired her intelligence.

When Jack received the call from Thomson, he was sitting in the cafe with a beautiful lady. He had just done shopping with this lady he had only known for one night and was worried about how to get rid of her. Then he could have a chance to slip away.

"Honey, I just got an emergency call from the hospital. I have to go now. It's all for today. You can hang on yourself."

But the lady wouldn't let Jack go easily, she grabbed his tie and seductively said, "Don't you know I'm your patient? Who else are you going to take care for? "

Jack raised her chin and kissed her. "It's really an emergency, so I have to leave now, or I'll become a jobless vagabond. I'll contact you tonight."

The lady was overwhelmed by Jack's passionate kiss. Smiling broadly, she said, "then you should come to see me earlier. Don't go somewhere else."

"Okay, wait for me." After he finished the words, Jack turned around and left the cafe. He wiped the lipstick mark that the lady had just left on his lips and drove to the villa of Cary.

When Jack arrived at the villa, he found Cary was not at home, so he couldn't help but feel amused. How could Cary allow him to stay alone with his little girlfriend while he was not at home?

"Dr. Jack, you're finally here!" Jack was taken aback by the sudden voice, and he calm himself down and looked at Yvonne who looked nothing wrong in her feet.

"Did you ask me to come here?" Jack asked in puzzlement.

"Yeah, I was bored to death at home. Since you are here, let's have some fun." Yvonne peered at the surrounding and said in a low voice, she asked, "have you told Cary that you are here?"

Jack also looked around with his eyes wide open like Yvonne, there were only the two of them in the living room!

"No, I didn't. I just got a call from Thomson. He asked me to check up for you." Jack raised his voice and looked at Yvonne who was in horror.

"Hush! Hush! ! Speak in a hushed voice." Yvonne walked up to Jack and leaned over to him. "I want to go out, but Cary didn't allow Thomson to let me out. You know, I have been staying at home for several days, which makes me quite bored. If I can't go out and see the world outside, I would rather die with injuries than being so bored."

When Jack looked at Yvonne rolling her eyes, he was somehow aware why Cary liked this quick witted girl.

"Then let me take you out." Jack looked at Yvonne confidently and said, "don't worry, I have a solution."

"Thomson!" Jack called out loudly, "Yvonne's ankle is getting worse. I came here without anti painkillers, so I must take her to my clinic and take an X-ray to see if there is any bone hurt, and then I can give her some anti-painkillers."

Yvonne was so surprised to see Jack lying in front of herself naturally, she couldn't help but give him a thumbs up. He was really good at telling lies.

When Jack noticed that Thomson was doubtful about his words, he shot a glance at Yvonne who was staring at him, and she understood what he meant immediately!

"Thomson, it hurts so much. It's all my fault. Why did I hang out with Cary yesterday? Now I'm injured again..." Yvonne seized her ankle and wished she could roll on the ground the next second so that Thomson could believe and let her go.

"It's terrible..." Thomson looked at Yvonne's exaggerated acting skill, he knew that it was a lie, but he was still relieved when he considered that she would stay with Jack. "Dr. Jack, you can take Yvonne out. But Mr. Cary..."

"Don't worry, I'll tell him." Said Jack, patting on Thomson's shoulder to reassure him.

"Let's go, Miss Yvonne." Said Jack as he turned to look at her.

"Yeah! Finally I can get freedom. Ouch, it still hurts... Let's go." Yvonne almost jumped up and cheered, but when she realized that she was still pretending to be sick, she put up with it. Then she dragged Jack out. It was not easy to have fun outside.

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