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   Chapter 12 Trapped In The Toilet

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Chapter 12 Trapped In The Toilet

Yvonne had never been to such a high-end place before, so she didn't know much about the etiquette. She was afraid of doing something wrong and losing Cary's face, so she just sat straight there with the tight dresses, which made her lose appetite. Looking at the delicious dishes on the table, Yvonne could only have a look at them. If she had known that she couldn't behave as she like and enjoy the food here, she would not come for the sufferance.

'Why not go to the toilet and get a relief there? There are too many people here, and if I keep pretending to be smiling, my face will be stiff!'

"Cary, I'm going to the toilet." Yvonne whispered to Cary.

Cary was talking with others, and he took a glance at Yvonne. Seeing her smiling but stiff face, he knew what she was thinking and said to her. "Okay, but you have to go back quickly."

Getting the permission of Cary, Yvonne seemed to be in relief, so she rushed to the toilet immediately.

Rae, who had been observing Yvonne for a long time, also stood up and left. Following Yvonne, she thought, 'last time you had escaped luckily, now I must give you a lesson, you reckless little girl.'

Yvonne stepped into the toilet. After unzipping her dress, she felt better with the clothe off!

There were so many people outside that she was really unwilling to go out again, it was totally different from her own world. Yvonne wanted to wear whatever she wanted. For the first time, she thought the toilet was also a good place to stay alone.

Following Yvonne to enter the toilet, Rae waited for a long time but didn't see her went out. 'Did she run away again? But there was no window, how could she escape from the toilet?'

Rae approached the cubicle where Yvonne was in. She leaned on the door, and found someone was snoring inside. It was Yvonne! Rae was surprised that Yvonne could even fall asleep in the toilet. Rae couldn't believe that Cary would like such a young girl who didn't know how to behave herself in the public!

When Rae, by accident, saw the hemp rope next to the toilet, she got an idea, and hatefully took a glance at the handle in the partition of Yvonne's, Rae said complacently, "I'll teach you a lesson today."

She put the mop on the handle of the toilet, and then fixed the mop with the hemp rope. After doing all this, Rae clapped her hands and swaggered out of the toilet. She went to the door and then put the Barrier Sign which writes "Under Maintenance" behind the door at the front door. 'Nobody could save you now!'

When Rae returned to the banquet hall, she had pretended that nothing had happened, the dancing party was about to begin. As long as they entered the open-air garden behind, the woman would be difficult to be found! Taking a glass of champagne from the table, Rae walked towards Cary seductively but elegantly!

"Can I have a drink with you?" Rae said to Cary beside her as she took the seat which was Yvonne's.

Cary looked at his watch. Half an hour had passed but Yvonne was still no one coming out. What a troublesome woman she was! Without even looking at Rae, Cary said coldly, "your seat has been occupied. I hope you can show your respect to the least social etiquette."

Hearing that, Rae hadn't expected that she would be refused by Cary so decisively. Feeling embarrassed, she withdrew her hand, which was still hanging in the air, and said with a smile, pretending to be calm, "Are you waiting for Miss Yvonne? I saw her walking out of the door of the banquet hall when I came out of the toilet just now. I thought you already knew that she has left. But it seems that she hasn't told you about it..."After saying that, Rae raised her eyebrows and looked at Cary with a more gloomy expression.

'Did she sneak away by herself?' Cary frowned. How dare she!

"Now, are you in the mood to have a drink with me?"

With a disdainful look at Rae, Cary stood up and said, "I'm afraid I can't afford your toast. Now that Yvonne has left, neither will I stay here. There are so many excellent young men here. Miss Rae, don't waste your time here." After saying that, Cary turned around and was about to leave.

"It has been so many years since that event happened. Why can't you just let it go? If you don't care about me, you won't avoid meeting me, which means that I still mean a lot to you, right? " "Do you think I have a good time in the past five years?" Rae continued and tried to persuade Cary. "It was my parents who didn't want me to live a hard life with a poor boy, so... "

"So you decided to bring the man to my house and do those shameless things? Rae, after so many years, you still haven't changed! Not all the men will go around you, and I am no longer the cowardly and incompetent Cary! Don't mention the past to me, because you don't deserve my love at all! " Cary's cold eyes froze Rae. "Of course, we'd better not see each other again. I don't want to get involved with a woman like you!" After saying that, Cary strode out of the banquet hall.

Seeing that,

Rae stood where she had been and looked at Cary leaving, and her pride had collapsed in front of him. 'Why didn't you understand me? I was no longer the little girl before. I was getting stronger and stronger. One day, I will let you come back to me at all costs!'

At this moment, Yvonne finally woke up, she yawned and stretched, she had a good sleep and didn't know how long she'd slept, and she also wondered whether the dinner party was over or not. As she felt as comfortable as before, Yvonne stood up anxiously from the toilet.

"Oh, no! If Cary can't find me, he must be angry."

She stood up and tried to zip her back, but it turned out that she could only do that in the middle of her waist. The dress was tight, and her hands were not long enough. She was so foolish, how could she go out to meet people! If she shows up in front of Cary in this way, he will definitely eat her up!

She tried to zip it up again, but it was too hard to continue. Her back should only be exposed. She couldn't care much about it and had to go out first!

When Yvonne wanted to open the door and go out, she pulled the doorknob hard, but just couldn't open it. What happened?

"Is anyone here? Is there anyone outside? I can't go out! Please help me!" Yvonne shouted while knocking at the door.

She just wanted to have a rest here. How could she come across so many troubles? It was so unlucky! She had been calling for a long time, but still nobody answered her. Then Yvonne stepped on the toilet and looked out through the gap between the ceiling and the interior screen. 'Why was there no one in the toilet? I can't escape even with wings!'

Sitting on the toilet seat limply again, Yvonne looked so sad. "Am I going to stay here for the whole night?' She just wanted to go to the toilet, how could things become so terrible? The more she thought about it, the angrier she got. Yvonne turned around and kicked at the door. "Ouch!" she cried, forgetting that her feet were still injured. Affected by the strong reaction force, Yvonne looked at her feet and cried out in pain.

Out of the banquet hall, Cary immediately called Thomson to see if Yvonne had gone home. "What? Not at home? Are you sure? "

"Miss Yvonne hasn't come back yet. Isn't she with you? You didn't see her? " Thomson, who didn't know what was going on, was worried about Yvonne.

"Well, I see." Cary hung up the phone, and his eyes were shining under his tightly frowned eyebrows. 'Where would she go before returning home? If she didn't run away, Rae must be lying!'

"Go to the toilet to see if there's someone inside." Cary told the guard next to him, "send two more people to have check whether Yvonne is in the dancing hall in the backyard garden."

The guards promised and separated their ways to look for Yvonne.

This woman would only make trouble for him. When could she make him free from worries!

"Is anybody inside? Is Miss Yvonne inside? " The guard looked at the barrier at the entrance of the toilet, and shouted at the entrance.

Yvonne was about to stay here for the whole night, but when she heard the sound outside, she instantly got up from the toilet, leaning on the door and listened carefully. There was really someone outside! She could be saved!

"Help! Help! I'm here! Help me! I can't get out! "

The guard followed the sound and walked inside. When he heard the sound, he quickly untied the rope, pulled out the mop and opened the door to rescued Yvonne from the door.

"Miss Yvonne, why are you trapped here? Mr. Cary can't find you, and he is so worried. Let's get out of here. Mr. Cary is in the hall outside."

After a while, Yvonne finally came out of the toilet. When she opened the door, she saw Cary's guard was in front of her. As expected, Cary didn't forget her, but she had made such a big mistake, so she felt too ashamed to face him. She followed the guard all the way out, fearing that Cary would lose his temper on her once he saw her.

Waiting for the news from his guards, Cary paced back and forth anxiously. When he saw Yvonne walking out of the toilet slowly, he was finally relieved, but with the cold looking on his face, Cary's eyes were as sharp as knife.

Lowering her head, Yvonne walked up to Cary. Her hands twisted together, she was waiting for him to throw a tantrum without saying a word.

At first, Cary wanted to scold Yvonne, but when he saw that she was waiting for his reproach like a little sheep, his heart softened. Noticing that her dress had collapsed, Cary took off his coat, put it on her and asked, "what's wrong with your clothes? Did someone bully you? "

Yvonne didn't expect that Cary would be so gentle to her, she looked up at him in surprise, and then realized that she might have misunderstood him, so she quickly explained, "no, no. I took off the dress myself. It's too tight, and I'm almost out of breath. I wanted to have a rest in the toilet, but I didn't expect that I fell asleep for such a long time." Yvonne's last sentence softened and she dropped her head again.

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