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   Chapter 11 Mrs. Yvonne

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All of a sudden, Yvonne remembered that her ankle was injured yesterday, but she was still not used to being held so close by Cary, and she wanted to escape secretly while he was not paying attention.

Cary was aware of her intention and coldly said, "your foot is injured, so you'd better not try to escape. I have been tolerating it for the whole night. If you want to move again, I can't control my desire for you anymore. If you don't want me to do that, then just behave yourself."

At this time, Yvonne realized that she was just next to Cary, so she would touch him as soon as she moved. She was too scared to what he said so she could only allow Cary to hug her in the bed. She opened her eyes and looked at Cary.

Cary was really a handsome man with long and exquisite lashes, with sharp brushwork and a pouted lips. It seemed that Cary liked to pout when he was sleeping, which was not in accordance to his dignity.

"Stop looking at me." Cary suddenly opened his mouth and said to Yvonne, "I'm going to kiss you if you keep looking at me."

Quickly, Yvonne lowered her head and slid into Cary's arms.

Unable to go to school because of her injured foot, Yvonne had been wandering at home for nearly a week. The whole week almost drove her mad, and she found that Cary was busy throughout the whole week.

'Since he was not at home, why not sneak out and wander around? But I was injured before. Would I cause any trouble to him if went out without permission? No, it won't matter. I can go to see what kind of person Cary is while working hard, and if he sees me, he will also be relieved!'

So Yvonne decided to take actions and find an opportunity to slip away!

"Thomson, I'm so bored. I've tortured all the flowers and plants in the house. Are there any other interesting places for me to visit?" said Yvonne, blinking her eyes at Thomson in a spoiled manner.

What a witted girl Yvonne was! She was very naughty and could not stay idle even if she had been running around all day. Seeing Yvonne who was just like his own daughter, Thomson said kindly, "Miss Yvonne, Mr. Cary told me not to let you go out"

"Thomson, why do you still call me miss? I'm not a noble lady. You can call me Yvonne. It sounds more close." Actually, it is because Yvonne didn't like others to call her Miss Yvonne!

Thomson almost burst into tears. This little girl was so lovely that she didn't regard him as an outsider. "Mr. Cary really said that he wouldn't let you out. Just stay at home."

"Can I go to see him? He didn't say that he wouldn't let me go to see him, did he? "

Thomson was caught off guard by her words, since it was true that Cary didn't say this.

"Please let me go to see him with you, will you?" Yvonne said when she saw Thomson became softhearted.

"I have to ask Mr. Cary first to make sure whether he is in the company or not." Thomson was actually afraid that Cary would blame him and wanted to inform him in advance.

Thomson was so stubborn that Yvonne didn't know what to say. She was so desperate to get Cary's consent! "Well, you can tell him that I really want to see him right now! "

Yvonne was willing to risk everything in order to go out!

When the phone was connected, Thomson said, "Mr. Cary, Yvonne said that she wanted to go to your company to see you. I don't know if you will agree or not."

"Really? Why did she want to see me? There is a dinner party in the evening that I can't refuse. Ask her to wait for me to go home." The cold voice came from the other end of the phone.

Didn't he allow her to go out? No way! As soon as she snatched the phone from Thomson's hand, Yvonne said in a hurry, "Cary, I want to go out, and I want to see you, I'm so bored right now."

"What? You want to see me? Then come! Thomson, ask Yvonne to dress up and take her to the dinner party tonight! Don't let her appear in front of me like a bumpkin!" Said Cary with a smile, and he thought it seemed that she had been very bored these days and couldn't wait to have fun.

The phone was hung up. "Oh yeah! I'm finally allowed to go out. But Thomson, what party am I going to attend? " Yvonne looked at Thomson, blinking her bright eyes.

"Everyone will call you Mrs. Yvonne in that dinner party!" Thomson kindly laughed and said these words. But when Yvonne heard these words, she felt terrible. 'Gosh! I did make a big mistake again! '

"Thomson, I'm out of breath in this dressing. Can I change another one?" Feeling this dress that almost had her waist broken, Yvonne felt it was better for her to stay at home. "Thomson, can I regret now? I don't want to go out. I'm dying! "

Thomson looked at the beautiful girl in front of him with satisfaction, she was so beautiful that Mr. Cary must be very happy to see her!

"That's it, Yvonne, it's about time, and you should go out now. I will send a car to take you to the destination and Mr. Cary will pick you up in the dinner hall."

As she was urged to ge

t on the car, Yvonne was still fiddling with her clothes, she really wanted to take them off! !

It was getting dark. When they arrived at the banquet hall, a waiter opened the door for them and helped them get off politely.

After getting off the car, Yvonne looked around, trying to find the familiar figure, but she didn't see him until she entered the door of the banquet hall. She saw a man who seemed to be a waiter, she looked at him and asked, "do you know where Cary is? "

The waiter looked up and down at this graceful woman and pointed to a direction for her, "come in from here. The hall is where Mr. Cary will hold his banquet tonight. You can go to see if you can find Mr. Cary there."

When she walked to the door pointed by a waiter, Yvonne complained in her heart, 'my foot hasn't recovered yet, but the high-heeled shoes make me almost disabled.' When she walked to the entrance of the hall, everyone was wearing gorgeous clothes, looking like a dinner party for rich ladies. When Yvonne walked straight inside, the security guard at the entrance of the hall stopped her. "Excuse me, do you have the invitation card?"

Invitation card? 'Where could I get the invitation card? Why hasn't Cary shown up yet?'

"This is my partner. She came with me tonight." A familiar voice came from behind. Looking back, Yvonne found it was Cary.

Cary looked at Yvonne in front of him. The white gauze fitted her slim waist, and the high heels made her look more taller. She was no longer the sweetness without makeup, but she seemed more like a charming woman now. Her hair was neatly coiled up, and with a few curly hair remained in front of her forehead, she looked a bit nifty, especially when she turned her head to look at him, he felt that it was totally amazing! 'I did have a good taste.'

Holding her slender waist, he whispered in her ear, "Mrs. Yvonne, let's go! "

They hadn't seen each other for almost a week, she really missed Cary when saw him today. She felt unbelievable for this notion. She just let him take her to the banquet hall.

Cary had never brought any female partner before, but today, he came to the dinner party with a woman who looked so beautiful and attractive that caught a lot of people's attention. The two of them walked from the gate of the hall to the innermost, it felt like they were going to walk the red carpet after they got married. So many people were looking at them that Yvonne even wanted to bury herself in a hole!

There was only one person in the crowd who looked at the two perfect match in anger. Her elegant face looked a little distorted because of anger. This person was Rae!

She didn't expect that Cary would bring the woman here. It was sure that he knew Lin Family would also attend the banquet and she would certainly appear at the same time. Obviously, he just wanted to annoy her. Of course, Rae would not think that Cary was no longer in love with her. A conceited woman like her would only think that other people's tricks to attract her attention, and she would not think that it was her own problem.

Cary led Yvonne to the table. Some busybodies made a toast to him and asked, "Is this Mr. Cary's wife? As far as I know, you are admired by countless ladies, but never fall in love with any beauty. Isn't that true? If she were not Cary's wife, then I believe she would be soon! "

Now, Yvonne finally understood what Thomson meant, it turned out that everyone had misunderstood her identity. If she hadn't insisted on going out, Cary would not have taken her to meet anyone from his business circle, and she didn't expect that the man in front of her dared to say so!

"This is none of your business. It's not necessary for you to care about my family affairs." Cary didn't raise his head, as if he didn't care about him at all. "This is the first time we meet since you left my company, right? Oh, did you feel good to betray others and gain benefits? "

Cary picked up the food on the table and placed it on Yvonne's plate, ignoring the man.

The man in front of them seemed to be shameful of what Cary had said, so he gave a hateful look at Cary and left.

"Why did you take me here? They all look unfriendly." Yvonne looked around and asked cautiously, feeling as if she had come to a dangerous place.

"It's you who were bored and wanted to come out. Now that you're here, you can do whatever you want and don't need to care about others." Noticing Yvonne's worry, Cary found that she was just like a frightened little rabbit.

"Welcome to the party tonight. The purpose of this party is to make you all enjoy yourselves, and by the way, you can make friends here. An hour later, there will be a small dancing party, please move to the open garden behind it, which is already prepared with drinks and wines for each guest. Ladies and gentlemen, I declare formally that now the party begins, have a good time!" When the host finished his speech, all the audience cheered.

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