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   Chapter 10 Rescue Yvonne

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In the car, looking at the woman leaning on his shoulder, who was sleeping, Cary thought she was lovely just now, but now he didn't think so. He worried about her so much that he rushed to Lin's winery in a hurry, regardless of his feelings for Rae. His insane appearance made himself doubt that there was something wrong with him, but Yvonne really seemed to care about it, and she had even beaten him with a stick.

There was a dull pain in Cary's back, and Yvonne was just leaning against him. In order to make her fall asleep comfortably, he sat up straight. The more he thought what had happened, the more angry he became. When he saw that they were approaching the villa, Cary pushed Yvonne away. While she was still sleeping, Yvonne was suddenly pushed away by him and hit the car window heavily.

Yvonne woke up from the shock and held her head up, she looked like being hit by the earthquake. "Is it an earthquake?" She murmured. Like a frightened rabbit, she looked around and found herself in the car. Next to her was Cary, whose face was as cold as ice. "Did you have a car accident just now?"

Taking a look at Yvonne, who was in a good mental state, Cary said coldly, "get out of the car as soon as you can. It's time for us to go home now." Then he opened the door and got out of the car.

Looking out from the car's window, Yvonne realized that she was at home now. Seeing that Cary was leaving her, she hurriedly opened the door and tried to catch up with him. However, she forgot that her ankle was injured, so she just fell down to the ground as getting off the car. Her ankle swelled up, which made her feel in heavy pain, "Cary, wait for me."

Looking at the woman who had fallen behind him, Cary shook his head helplessly. He had planned to leave Yvonne alone, but seeing the poor woman, he still went back and held her up. Cary cursed, "Will you talk to strangers casually in the future?"

'Is Cary caring about me?' "No, no, no. I was just dragged into the car by them." Yvonne replied, "I'm not a person who likes to talk to strangers casually."

"Do you think you are smart enough to escape on your own?" Cary raised his eyebrows and looked at Yvonne.

In a rage, Yvonne didn't know what she was doing wrong. If she didn't run away, she would only be suffocated to death by Rae in the room. But she dared not retort to him. "No, I won't!" She answered sulkily.

Looking at the woman who was not convinced, Cary didn't show his anger on the face, but he thought she was still very cute. "Then be good and don't run around."

"Yes." She replied with only one word.

"Thomson, send for Dr. Jack over, Yvonne's foot is injured." As soon as they entered the room, Cary told Thomson, "I will take her back to the room first, ask Dr. Jack to her bedroom directly later."

"Okay." Thomson said and then turned around and called Dr. Jack.

Cary put Yvonne on the bed and sat by her. He put her foot on his lap and carefully checked her injuries, "Ouch! It hurts!" Yvonne looked at Cary and shouted.

"Now you know it hurts? You should be brave when you jump out of the window." Cary said with his eyes fixated on Yvonne's swollen ankle.

Yvonne really didn't know how could Cary got to speak in such a sharp tone, she could only be beaten by his words.

"Just hold on a little longer, the doctor will be here soon." Cary could comfort people only in this way.

Hearing the words that came out of Cary's mouth, Yvonne could not believe what she had heard. With a cold face, he said something caring about another person, which was in stark contrast to what she had expected, so she could not help but burst into laughter.

Cary looked at Yvonne coldly and said, "You still have the mood to laugh, are you serious?" He was so worried about her injury, but Yvonne was still laughing at him. Cary simply didn't know what was wrong with this woman!

"I am sorry." Yvonne realized her inappropriate smile, so she shut up.

Cary really didn't know what to do with this woman.

"Mr. Cary, Dr. Jack has arrived," Said Thomson at the door.

"Dr. Jack, please come in." Cary stood up from the bedside and invited Dr. Jack to come in.

"Have a look at Yvonne's feet, please help check whether there is any serious hurt." Said Cary with his hands in his pockets, his tone was polite, but it sounded like an order.

Dr. Jack took the first-aid kit into the room and checked the injury in Yvonne's feet.

"Dr. Jack, slow down. I'm afraid of pain. Please." Yvonne said politely, and she found the man was of the same age as Cary.

"I have always been very nice to my patients, and you can rest assured, Miss Yvonne, I'll be very gentle to you." Dr. Jack didn't care about the relationship between Cary and Yvonne, nor did he care that Cary was still standing next to him, he was just looking at Yvonne gently with his beautiful eyes.

'The doctor was so gentle and considerate.' In Yvonne's opinion, he was totally different from Cary.

Noticing the doctor who

stared at Yvonne without moving his eyes, Cary said in a unobtrusive anger, "Dr. Jack, I'll wait for you outside. Please try to check it as soon as possible." Then he went out. 'This ungrateful woman was so troublesome. I was injured in the back because of her, but she was not grateful to me at all. What's worse, she was obsessed with Jack who she had just seen, and did not regret!'

"Dr. Jack, don't mind it. He just doesn't know how to get close to others."

Jack grew up with Cary, so he naturally knew what kind of temper he had. But he didn't expect that the little girl in front of him would defend Cary in front of him. Besides, it was the first time that Cary had seen for him in the middle of the night. Lifting Yvonne's ankle, Jack looked at it and twisted it around. He knew that it hadn't been injured to the bone, and she just twisted her ankle, it didn't matter a lot. He turned to look at Yvonne and said, "don't worry. Your ankle is fine. I have bandaged it for you. You should use ice bag to compress it every day. It's better for you not to move, and it will probably dissipate after a week or so. Besides, you need to pay attention to your diet. I will ask Cary not to let you sneak out, okay?"

"Thank you, Jack. I will take good care of myself," said Yvonne gratefully.

"You're welcome. I am a doctor who is paid to deal with your injure." Jack winked playfully to Yvonne and said, "then I'll go first. See you next time.""

When Jack went downstairs, he saw that Cary was sitting on the sofa and checking the wound on his back with his upper body naked.

"A hero came to rescue the beauty in late night? Why haven't I seen you being a hero before?" Jack said to Cary, "the girl you like is quite lovely."

Cary grabbed a pillow next to him and threw it to Jack. "Shut up. Come and help me."

Jack quickly caught the pillow and grinned cheekily to Cary. "Did you call me Dr. Jack just now? Yes? Why not continue to be serious now?" Said Jack with a smile. He then walked over to Cary and picked up the medicine in his hand to help apply it on his body.

"Who has hurt you? Look at this wound! It's so deep!"

"It was caused by that woman upstairs." Cary stared upstairs and said coldly.

"Aha, the woman you like has a special personality. What do you think of her? You can also let me deal with her if.." Jack deliberately provoked him, "I also like such a unique girl. "

"You'd better keep your eyes off her!" Cary turned his head and grabbed Jack's hand and stared at him, "aren't there many female patients who come to your office every day just for visiting your?"

Jack didn't expect that Cary would react in this way, it seemed that this woman was so important in his heart. "Ouch, ouch, that's too much force. Let go of me, I'm just kidding. How dare I touch your woman..." Jack try to get free from Cary's gripping, and he put the ointment on the table while pretended to be angry, "it seems that you really have a crush on her, even forget your old friend, who have accompanied you for so many years. I'm so poor and so sad!"

Jack stood up, took the first aid kit from the table and walked towards the door. "Thomson, send a car to send me back. You must have been very tired these days for Cary is always in a bad mood." Then he went straight out.

Cary looked at Jack and shook his head helplessly. He was always so naughty since childhood and he could never be more serious.

Putting on the shirt beside him, Cary looked upstairs hesitantly for a few minutes and then went upstairs. She was such a trouble maker that he had no idea whether she was asleep or not.

Cary carefully opened the door and saw that Yvonne was asleep in bed. Cary quietly walked up to her. Seeing that Yvonne's eyebrows were still frowning, he wondered why she always liked to sleep with her eyebrows frowned. Was it because of himself that she looked unhappy? Thinking of this, Cary rubbed her knitted eyebrows gently.

"Cary, come and save me. I'm so scared. It's so dark here." Yvonne frowned and said in sleep with her eyes closed.

What a silly girl! Cary had not expected that Yvonne would call his name. As expected, she would think of him in danger. His heart melted little by little because of the woman.

The next morning, Yvonne opened her eyes and stretched comfortably. She had a good sleep, but why did she feel that there was another man beside her?

"Cary! Why are you in my bed? " Yvonne shouted.

The woman screamed out in the arms of Cary, who was still asleep. He pressed his legs against her body to make her unable to move. "Be quiet. Let me sleep a little longer"

"No, you have to get out of my bed, or I will be late for school." Yvonne struggled and said.

It was so noisy that Cary woke up unwillingly, but he still held Yvonne's hand tightly. "Your foot was injured and you couldn't get out of bed. I have asked for a leave for you, you should have a good rest at home for a few days. When you get better, I will let you go to school"

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