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   Chapter 8 Yvonne Was Imprisoned

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Hearing that, Rae didn't expect that Yvonne was so difficult to deal with, it turned out that she was eloquent, but Rae was certain that she must be a person who thought highly of money. Then she took out a bank card from the wallet on the tea table and handed it to Yvonne. She said, "I know you have a single mother at home who works hard to support you for schooling. And I guess you must have had a hard time since childhood. There is one million dollars in this card. Take it and leave Cary, in this case you can also help your mom get out of work. It's a good deal! "

When she looked at the bank card handed over by Rae, Yvonne was really touched by that money. After all, she was not Cary's girlfriend, and she was just anxious to leave him as soon as possible and live a comfortable life with the money given by this woman. But who knew whether Cary would let her go and how she could give her mother the money given by a stranger. Every word said by Rae was just like a needle pricking her, 'Why should this woman look down upon me in this way?'

"No way!" Gazing firmly at the woman in front of her, Yvonne said, "I'm not a fool! I can only get one million dollars from you, but I can get anything I want as long as I stay with Cary. Therefore, it's not wise for me to accept your money. "

"Do you really believe you can spend the rest of your life with Cary?" Rae asked Yvonne. "He just wants to have fun for a while. You're so foolish! "

Rae stepped forward and pinched Yvonne's chin, glaring at her fiercely. "It was me who kicked him away. When I broke up with Cary, he even cried for me all day long. As long as I wanted, he would come back to me. And you? By then, you will not get even a penny! I was afraid that it would be troublesome and decide to give you some money in private. But I didn't expect that you are so ungrateful. Don't blame me for being ruthless! "

"Lock her up and send her to the room on the second floor, and I will wait for Cary to come here." Rae loosened her hand on Yvonne's chin and ordered the two guards, then she sat back on the sofa.

Yvonne struggled in their hands and yelled, "Let go of me! You're committing a crime again! You are arresting me illegally, how dare you! "

The two guards had gotten used to Yvonne's tricks, so they just ignored her words and carried her to the second floor!

Yvonne, who had been thrown into this little dark room, was desperate. She had never thought that her life had gone through ups and downs in this way. She had met with so many people, including Cary and his first girlfriend. Did the two of them just conspire to set her up? In this barren place, no one would come to help her.

She was so desperate that she lay on the bed and stared at the ceiling. 'Why should I suffer from all of these things?' Would the mysterious man, Cary, come for her? She then thought that Cary would come, he would come for Rae, after all.

"What did you say? Yvonne was missing? What do you mean by that? Did she run away?" Cary was on his way home from the company when he got the phone call from Thomson. He would have a dinner with someone else at night, but he wanted to see that woman as soon as possible, so refused the invitation. But now he just heard the bad news. He wondered whether it was because she hated him so much.

"I don't think she had ran away purposely. The driver sent to pick up Miss. Yvonne said that he just arrived there when he saw that she was talking to the two men. He thought that she was just helping those who were asking for help, so he didn't notice what had happened. But later he just found Miss. Yvonne had disappeared." Thomson said worriedly, "I have sent people to check it out. It should be soon found out."

After hung up the phone, Cary pulled his tie angrily. This woman always made him worry a lot. If someone dared to hurt her, he would find out and let him suffer.

"Hello? Can you open the door and let me go to the toilet? On the way here, I was anxious and you promised I could go to toilet at the destination. How can you break your words? I'm almost suffocated to death." Yvonne kept knocking on the door, and the whole villa was almost going to be penetrated by her voice.

"Just put up with it. When Mr. Cary comes, I will let you go to the toilet." The guard outside said to Yvonne who was in the door, "don't play tricks, I won't be tricked by you!"

"What tricks can I play? Bro, I'm a weak woman, and you're a muscle man, it's impossible for me to escape. I'm just about to pee in the pants. Can you do a favor?" Yvonne yelled unwillingly.

"What happened?" "What are you doing?" Yvonne heard a woman asked beside the door.

"Miss. Rae, Miss. Yvonne kept saying that she wanted to go to the toilet, but I was afraid that she would play some tricks on me, so I didn't agree." said the guard.

"Miss. Rae, where else can I go in the deep night? If you don't allow me to go to toilet, I can just stay in your room and pee here." Said Yvonne helplessly


"Let her go and follow her closely. We don't mean to kidnap her but just want her to have a good time in my house. She can't just eat and sleep in a room as a little pet." Rae said to the guard scornfully as she heard Yvonne's words.

After saying that, Rae turned around and walked away. What she thought was that Cary just wanted to flirt with Yvonne and finally he would leave her. In a few days, he would forget her. By then, when he appeared in front of her, his love for herself would come back to him again and they would keep in touch with each other. It would be the good tale in this city.

Finally, Yvonne was released! It would rather be better to wander around than stay in the small dark room for a few days, and she would be out of breath since being kept in such a small room before Cary's arriving. Thinking of the woman who forced her to stay here, Yvonne felt terrible. How could that woman be so horrible? She could not even imagine what would happened! 'I can't stay here! I need to go now!'

"Hey, is this the only toilet here?" Yvonne was taken to a room at the end of the corridor on the second floor. Now that she was trying to escape, she asked, "is it a sitting or squatting one?"

Looking at the girl with fine features in front of him, the guard had never thought that she would say something like that! Didn't he look like a bad guy? How could she said these words?

"This is the only one, okay?" The guard tried to pretend to be ferocious because he was afraid that she might come up with some other tricks.

"How could you be so mean to a girl? Don't you have a girlfriend?" Yvonne asked.

The guard coughed awkwardly. "I don't think you want to go to toilet. I'll take you back if you don't want to. "

"No, no, no. I want to!" Yvonne opened the door and entered the bathroom. After entering, she locked the door gently.

'I had been waiting here for four hours. How could I stay overnight and stay here for two days? No way! Even in the deep forest, I had to run away! If Cary did not come to save me, I would find my own way!'

This was on the second floor, Yvonne looked out of the window first. Fortunately, there was a small platform outside the second floor, and it was not very high. This villa was open, if she jumped off the platform from the second floor, it should be the way to run out from the bare grass slope! 'Luckily, this isn't the one thousand and two hundred acres villa like Cary's. Otherwise, I can't escape from here in any way!'

"Have you found out?" Meanwhile, in the living room, Cary was pacing back and forth. "How could a person disappear all of a sudden! You can't even handle such a little thing. What's the use of you?" Cary stared at the guards standing in front of him and said hatefully.

"Mr. Cary, we have found out that Miss. Yvonne was picked up by a black luxury car which headed for a remote mountain..." The guard obviously did not dare to continue, looking at his face with a trembling emotion.

"Go on!" Cary's eyes seemed to be about to devour the guard, so he trembled and said, "That place was the wine house of the Lin Family, and very few people would go there. Their wine was exported to foreign countries, so most people inland did not know it."

The Lin Family! Cary's eyes became colder. It was Lin Family again!

"Let's go!" Cary walked out quickly. He would never let anyone hurt his woman, Thomson shook his head silently while looking at Cary and said, "It seems that he really falls in love with her, for he even ignores the Lin Family."

Yvonne had already figured out the route and she was about to take action, but all of a sudden she was scared by the noise outside.

"Are you all right, Miss Yvonne?" The guard asked outside the door.

"Ouch! My stomach suddenly ached. I have to stay for a longer time. Could you please wait a little longer?" Yvonne said while pretending to be constipated.

"You'd better hurry up." He said, he didn't ask any more questions though confused, and he just felt that this lady was really troublesome.

"Well, okay." Yvonne listened to the sound outside the door and quietly walked to the window to open the window. When she was about to jump out, Yvonne put her feet on the footstep first, looking that it was not too high from the ground, she closed her eyes and jumped down.

"Ouch!" Yvonne found that the height was out of her expectation. She felt pain all over her body, and her feet seemed to have been twisted. She hastily checked the wound on the ankle. Gosh! She felt pain. 'No, I had to leave here as soon as possible.' She tried to stand up and looked at the route she had set before, but it was hard to distinguish the direction. Why there were so few things in the lower position? She had seen a few tall trees upstairs just now.

'It doesn't matter, this place is so small, and I can leave here in a short time. As long as I follow the way we came and see people from outside, I will be saved.' She slowly walked outside.

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