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   Chapter 7 Different Cary

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Yvonne was shocked. She knew that she had done something wrong, but it was just an accident for her to see the photo, why should it make Cary burst into anger. As expected, she was insignificant in his heart. Holding back the tears that were about to fall, Yvonne ran into her own room with grievance.

Yvonne's eyes were filled with fury, and Cary watched the frightened woman run away and then his eyes focused on the photo in his hand. The woman in the photo was laughing in a innocent way, but indeed she had set a fire in Cary's life and destroyed him completely, which ruined his whole youth, including his love and goodwill. It was impossible for Cary to pretend to be calm as if nothing had happened. It was just like a bomb buried in his heart that would explode as long as it was touched.

He tore the photo into pieces and threw it into the trash can. Did he get angry with Yvonne again? Cray grasped his hair with anger. His cold face showed some tiredness.

He opened the door of Yvonne's bedroom and saw the woman lying on the bed with her back against him. Then Cary walked closer to the woman and also lay on the bed, hugging the woman from her back.

Yvonne was about to fall asleep, but suddenly she felt the quilt beside her collapsed. A man's arm embraced her from behind, which woke her up at once. When she wanted to struggle, she heard the man behind her whispering, "Don't move, I will just hold you. Just let me hold you for a while."

Somehow, her heart softened and she stopped moving, allowing him to hold her. The man who had just been angry at her was now holding her like a little child, and his chin rubbed on her neck as if asking for comfort. She could obviously feel the tiredness of the man. It turned out that he was also a fragile person.

The fragrance on Yvonne's body was pleasant. It was hard to tell whether it was her hair or body scent. Her skin was comfortable. She wasn't very thin, and there was also a little fat on her belly. It was comfortable to hold her in his arms. So Cary held her in this way all night.

The next day when Yvonne woke up, Cary was not in. When she went downstairs after getting up, she saw that the breakfast had been prepared and put on the table and Thomson was standing at the door politely.

"Miss. Yvonne, please come and have a seat. The porridge was just ready. You can eat it while it is still tasty." Upon hearing these words, Yvonne obediently sat down on the table. "Have you see Cary", asked Yvonne, "Do you know where he had gone? "

"Mr. Cary? Well, he went to the company early in the morning, saying that he had something important to deal with. You see, he left without having breakfast." The servant looked at Yvonne and reckoned her as a kind and easy-going girl, so she spoke in a casual way.

It turned out he went to the company. But why did she secretly pay attention to him? She'd better take care of herself first. She must have a lot of things to deal with today. After finishing the breakfast in a hurry, she was sent to school by the car sent by Thomson. Although she did not live at school, she still had classes to attend.

Yvonne didn't want to face those people and the rumors. However, she had to graduate and got an internship in a few months. She believed she only needed to stay through these few months!

"Yvonne, are you all right? What happened yesterday? " Looking at Yvonne who finally showed up today, Ellie stepped forward and asked with concern, "After you were rescued yesterday, the school was almost in an uproar. They said that you were taken away by Cary. Is that true?"

Looking at Ellie, who also began to gossip, it seemed that everyone in the school had known what had happened to her. "Someone wrote to trap me and said that I was a mistress, so the director of department office told me that I would be punished. I don't know how Cary knew about it, but he saved me." Honestly, Yvonne said to Ellie, "I may not live in the dormitory anymore. And there are something useful in my dorm, you can use them if you like. "

"You don't live in the dorm anymore? Where are you going? Yvonne, I wonder if you really... "Ellie didn't say what she wanted to say next, but it was obvious enough, "Ellie, I treat you as my best friend and I have no choice. Since Cary is so powerful, I have no choice." Yvonne lowered her head in grievance." Don't tell others that I am going to live outsides. I want to graduate successfully. Once I graduate, I will be fine"

"Yvonne, a man like Cary is powerful and quite hard to get along with, but I'm relieved as long as he treats you well." Ellie looked at Yvonne sympathetically. She felt a little guilty for what she had done in the bar. It was also because of her that Yvonne got into such a trouble.

"Don't think about these unhappy things. Look, Yvonne, the class is about to begin. Let's go." Ellie said in a relaxed tone deliberately.

In the classroom, as Yvonne walked into the classroom with a bright smile, Aaron looked at her and said provocatively, "Being other's mistress is indeed different. No matter what happens, there's always someone taking care of you. Look, Yvonne, you didn't show this kind of method to others before. Have you worked hard eno

ugh to pretend! "

As Yvonne looked at Aaron and noticed that his legs were still in plaster, she managed to stroked back, unwilling to admit defeat, "I didn't had to use any methods to fight against you before. But now, I'm afraid that you can't use any of them, either. You can only use some vicious tricks! Any other men are better than you! "

Taking no notice of Aaron, Yvonne pulled Ellie straight to their seats. Looking at Aaron, who was too angry to say a word, Ellie gave a thumbs up and said, "Yvonne, you're right. You should be tough like this! Don't let them bully you at will. What's up! I think I kind of worship you"

Staring at the Ellie's eyes, Yvonne shrugged her shoulders. She was indeed forced to do that. Even a rabbit would bite if it got angry. 'I was so stupid to date with him. Luckily, nothing happened between us.'

As the class was over, Yvonne had nowhere else to go if she didn't go to be imprisoned like before, and meanwhile, Cary wouldn't let her go easily. Step by step reluctantly, she was stopped by two men in black suits.

"Miss. Yvonne, please come with us. Mr. Cary asked us to pick you up. He has already ordered a meal in the restaurant and is waiting for you." The stronger man said unfriendly.

'Cary asked these two men to pick me up? He didn't want to take me out, did he? Besides, Thomson said that he would send a car to pick me up at five o'clock in the afternoon. Was there any other arrangement made by Cary?'

"Who is Mr. Cary? I don't know him." Yvonne asked deliberately, pretending to know nothing, and she also wanted to check whether the two men were sent by Cary or not.

The two men looked at each other and then looked down at Yvonne. "It's true. We won't make such a stupid mistake!" After saying these words, they immediately held Yvonne's arms and got her into a luxury car parked on the side of the road!

"You two are abducting me in the daylight! How dare you?" Yvonne yelled at the two men in black. "How dare you!"

"Go! One of the men said to the driver, irrespective of Yvonne's words.

"Hey, is it really that Cary has sent you here? He needn't to do this for asking to dinner with him." Yvonne said and hoped to persuade them. She also hoped that they can be less serious.

"Hey, it's a long way to get here. I want to pee. Could you please stop the car and let me find a toilet?" Yvonne found something was getting more and more strange. Why were they going to a restaurant in such a remote place? Was it possible that they were actually some human traffickers? She'd better run away as soon as possible.

"Shut up, please. We are about to arrive." The man in black looked impatiently at the woman who had been gossiping all the way. His ears were in trouble. If allowed, he really wanted to gag her mouth!

At last, Yvonne gave up struggling and saw the car slide into a courtyard of a wealthy family. This wasn't Cary's villa, neither did it look like a place for dinner. Obviously, it was a splendid house.

"Please follow me, Miss. Yvonne." Said the man in black, waiting for her to get off the car.

There were few human traffickers as high-grade as them, so Yvonne didn't think too much anymore. She felt confused and saw the two guards get out of the car and then she looked around. There was a broad slope beside them.

Along the way to the living room, they stopped and she saw a beautiful woman, hot and sexy, sitting on the sofa in the living room. Looking at her face, Yvonne felt very familiar. It was the photo she peeped at in Cary's bedroom last night. Was she the innocent girl on it? 'Was she? Was she the one that made Cary lose his temper at the first sight of? Why did she force her come here!'

"Is that girl getting close to Cary you?" Even without any make-up, Yvonne still looked sweet and lovely, with bright eyes, rosy lips and white teeth. As a college student, she must be able to attract many boys in the school just as her years ago! But Yvonne was still far from what she was now.

"I know you are the little girl that Cary has a crush on in recent. I thought his appreciation of women should have improve a lot over the years, but it seems that he is always fond of the same type. You girls are still very young, but why don't you work hard in school but choose to seduce men and sell your body to make money? Is your family very poor?" Rae said in a mocking tone.

Yvonne didn't expect that this woman force her to come here and just humiliate her. It turned out that the woman in front of her had come with evil purpose, and now she was totally different from the innocent girl in the photo. Without any fear, Yvonne said, "It's just because that I am still a college student. I'm young and confident, but not like you. You can't hide the wrinkles on your face with any methods. I don't know what kind of girls Cary likes. I just know it's me that he has fallen in love with, but not the old woman like you. Yvonne stressed on the word of "old woman". She looked at the angry woman complacently. Besides, she didn't expect that Cary would love such a viper-like woman who could be so determined to humiliate others. Was it because of his wrong judgment, or just because it's also his own real personality!

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