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   Chapter 6 Quarrel

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"Why do you want me to live here? Do you really want me to be your mistress?" Yvonne fixed her eyes on Cary, expecting his answer to be "no".

"If you like the name of mistress, it's okay, and you can consider it as what you think. After all, we have slept together, and what else can't you give me? You are not the girl of chastity any longer." Cary looked at Yvonne and said, "I can give you everything now, and I can also let you lose everything. You can make the choice by yourself.""

What Cary said was just like a knife, stabbing on Yvonne's heart. She was indeed a plaything of him. When he got bored with her, she would be abandoned. But what could she do? It was already very hard for her mother to afford her to go to school. If she was expelled from school, her future would really be ruined.

Trying to hold back her tears, she clenched the sheet and turned her face away. She didn't want to see this hateful man any more and said word by word, "Okay, I promise you."

Hearing Yvonne said reluctantly, Cary also felt angry. No woman would refuse to be his lover. As an insignificant girl, how could she look down upon him?

Cary stepped forward and grabbed the girl's chin, forcing her to look at him. "Look at me! I want you to look at me and say it again! "

Trying to get rid of Cary's strong hands, Yvonne found that it was all in vain. Being grabbed tightly by him, she didn't groan in pain. Instead, she looked up at Cary, with her mouth closed stubbornly, without saying a word.

Cary looked at the woman who was too skinny and didn't know what she ought to do. The red mark on her fair face was pinched by him. Although bore the pain, she didn't groan. Her eyes looked as if she had hidden a whole lake and sank into the gentle and quiet lake. At last, he was softhearted and let go of her, saying, "have a good rest. I won't come to trouble you tonight. "He gave her a cold look and left the room.

Watching Cary's leaving with the door slammed, she couldn't help but burst into tears. Did she have to do this to get her future? This is not what I want. What I want is only a simple life. Looking at this magnificent and strange room, she asked, "Is this a senior cage?" How ridiculous!

"Thomson, get the car ready. I'm going out." Cary went downstairs angrily since Yvonne didn't get along well with him. He shouted at Thomson, "That woman is upstairs. Don't let her leave here."

He looked into the direction where Yvonne's room was. He took off his coat and walked towards the door. He had planned to take her to the party, but now he'd better leave her there to think over what she had done! He would come to get even with her when he came back!

Thomson ordered the driver to prepare the car. He had never seen such a woman like this one who could make Cary so irritable. He remembered that Cary had rarely gone back to his house with any woman before. Now he not only brought back a woman, but also let him take care of her. Have him changed? It would be great if Cary, who had always been cold and aloof, really changed his personality.

During the banquet, Cary was still thinking about the woman left at home by himself. This was a business party, and all the renowned figures came here from the business field. Although his own company was the leader of the whole industry, he still maintained interests in contracting others in the business field and it was also easier to make a deal in the reception.

Although he wanted to go back home to see that woman, he still had to do his job well first. It was just a woman, but he couldn't make any mistake just because of a woman's appearance.

"Woo, isn't this Mr. Cary? It's been a long time since the last time I saw you. "A man in his forties stood in front of Cary with a glass of wine in his hand." Why are you drinking alone here? Are you considering something more important than this event? "

Cary soon recovered to look at him, and found he was that cunning man. He had set a trap for Cary in last trade which worth more than ten million. He hadn't retaliated yet! Cary smiled and embraced him with a pretended friendly-looking, swirling the wine glass gently, without the slightest intention to stand up. "Oh, it's you, Mr. James. I've been wondering why a pungent smell of alcohol is coming from far away. And I'm afraid that someone will come to set trap for me again. I have to figure out a way to get away from it, so that I won't be able to be hurt again!" Cary was talking about this old cunning man, trying to get him away from himself.

However, the old James was so shameless that he still stood in front of Cary and pushed the woman behind him to him. "You are still so young, and I know more about the business experience than you do. The business event is done just according to circumstances, but I do think this beautiful woman would satisfy you."

Seeing the woman who was pushed towards him trying to lure him with coquetry, Cary sneered. That's ridiculous! Cary stood up with one hand around the woman's waist and the other hand raising her chin, slowly approaching to kiss her. The woman held on to Car's waist tightly, closed her eyes and waited for him to kiss her. Her heart was slowly accelerating.

However, after waiting for a long while, she still didn't feel the softness of Cary's lips as she expected. Instead, when she opened her eyes, she only found that

he was staring at her with a mocking smile.

"Please save your time, James. I can't appreciate your type, she just looks like a colorful chicken." although Cary's eyes were fixed on that woman, it's obvious that he was talking to that man.

Cary let the woman go and walked towards the old man. He stopped in front of him and said, "it's better for you to enjoy with your own woman. Taking a second-hand plaything to me, Mr. James is really so friendly with me." After saying that, he walked out of the room, only leaving the glass to be held tightly in James' hand. His eyes became sharp and angry.

There were a lot of people who looked down upon him, since he was so young but owned such a huge enterprise in the business world, and Cary had already gotten used to it, but he wouldn't easily forgive those people who irritated him. If he had known that the party would be so boring, he wouldn't have come here today. He left the party and as he went downstairs, Cary called his secretary, "inform all departments to sell the Zhou family's stock tomorrow. Make sure their stock must be at the lowest rate. I hope you'd better take up all of his shares. This cunning man is doomed to die tomorrow. "

The man who was still complacent over the fact that he had just insulted Cary, of course, didn't know that he would become a man without any money and lost everything tomorrow.

As a businessman, it was impossible for a man to survive without playing any tricks. Moreover, it was even such difficult to be cruel and merciless to others. But how could Cary be so fierce since five years ago? Show mercy? He had no idea what was mercy. On the way to the villa, Cary was still as cold as ice. As long as he wanted, he could get anything he wanted. At the moment, he only wanted that woman in his house now. Only she could make him have a place to vent his anger and desire!

Right now, Yvonne was wandering around in the villa. She thought that Cary wouldn't come back tonight, so she felt a little bit safer and got out of her own room. Opposite to Yvonne's bedroom was Cary's. When she walked in front of his room, she wanted to check whether there was something special in Cary's room, but she felt it seemed to be impolite. After thinking for a while, she gave up that idea walked towards the study next to Cary's bedroom.

The study was, to Yvonne's surprise, really worthy of the name of study. Both sides of the bookshelf were full of books, neither of which was covered with dust. Unexpectedly, Cary was still a man who liked reading very much. The ferocious and cold look on his face was quite different from the one of this characteristic. In the middle of the study was a table, with a simple lamp and a computer, a thick stack of documents and a chair. There was not a single green plant, which made the study looked as cool as Cary. When he sat here, what did he look like? At the thought of this, she sat down on the chair and imagined the scene when Cary was reading. His sharp eyes and serious face softened, and his eyes swept over the table. Yvonne found something looked like a photo, appearing from the corner of a pile of documents. Her hands were faster than her brain. Though she just realized that she couldn't look at anything else casually, she was still curious that she took the photo in her hands and displayed it in front of herself.

There was Cary and a beautiful girl in the photo. The girl hugged the boy from behind. The blue sky and white clouds and thick grass, the girl was so happy and both of them laughed happily. Yvonne had never seen Cary so happy before. This boy in the photo was neither aggressive and cold, nor arrogant and contemptuous in the daytime, nor a scoundrel who tried to forced her at that night. He looked like an ordinary positive boy, with delicate eyebrows and a smile that could melt the glacier. He was like a warm spring breeze which could bring all things warmth. Cary and the girl with long hair floating behind him were obviously a couple. The two of them were like a perfect match. Could he feel his love for this girl? Was Cary in the past also a person who could show his love to someone else?

"What are you doing! "Cary's deep voice rang at the door of the study. Yvonne was in a daze at his calling, and then hid the photo behind her back out of instinct. After that, she stood up and looked at Cary who was trying to get the photo." I'm taking a walk... "

"Who allowed you to come in? What's in your hand?" Cary stared at her with his unfriendly eyes and walked towards her step by step, "No, nothing." Yvonne looked guilty and stepped back. As a result, she hit a chair and fell down on the floor.

Cary walked towards and looked at the woman who was obviously guilty. He held the arm of the chair with one hand, and stretched out the other hand to catch Yvonne, "You'd better hand it over to me." with a threatening tone, his anger was obvious.

Knowing that she couldn't hide the photo anymore, she did nothing to resist and let Cary easily capture the photo.

Sure enough, there was something. But he did not expect that the one she was holding was the photo he had taken with Rae years ago! It was this hypocritical woman on the photo that cornered him in these years! At the sight of this picture again, Cary became angrier. He slammed the picture onto the table and shouted at Yvonne, "Get out! Get out! "

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